Monday, July 7, 2008

10 Lists of 10

No, I haven't turned into a major narcissist (I think). It's my 100th post--woohooo!

10 Things I Must Have in Pantry/Refrigerator at All Times

1. Whole Coffee Beans
2.  1/2 and 1/2
3. Cane Sugar Crystals (fancy word for sugar lol)
4. Calebaut Semi-Sweet (62.5%) Chocolate in bulk
5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
6. Fresh Pineapple
7. Pure Maple Syrup
8. McCain's Irish Oatmeal
9. Cinnamon
10. Garlic

10 Songs I Love

1. "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkul
2. "In the City" by Stevie Wonder
3. "Fernando" by ABBA
4. "One Week" by Bare Naked Ladies
5. "My World" by Tim Kay
6. "Everything" by Michael Buble
7. "Poems, Prayers and Promises" by John  Denver
8. "My Hero" by The Foo Fighters
9. "At Last" by Etta James
10. "When the River Meets the Sea" by John  Denver

10 Stores I Love (and get all our money)

1. Whole Foods
2. Target
3. Crew Cuts
4. Hanna Andersson
5. White House Black Market
6. Sur La Table
7. Nordstroms
8. World Market
9. Lowes
10. Williams Sonoma

10 Cities I Love

1. Salzburg, Austria
2. Vienna, Austria
3. London, England
4. Dallas, Texas
5. Austin, Texas
6. Cleveland, Ohio
7. Memphis, Tennessee
8. Fort Myers Beach, Florida
9. New Orleans, Louisiana 
10. Columbus, Ohio

10 Days of the Year I love

1. Christmas
2. My kids' birthdays
3. My husband's birthday
4. My birthday
5. Our anniversary
6. First Day of School
7. Last Day of School
8. Thanksgiving
9. Easter
10. Valentine's Day

10 Things I do Everyday

1. Kiss my Children
2. Kiss my Husband
3. Make Coffee
4. Check my Email
5. Change a Dirty Diaper
6. Nurse Spanky
7. Brush my Teeth
8. Pray
9. Prepare at Least One Meal for at Least One Child
10. Make My Bed

10 Events I will Never Forget

1. My Wedding
2. My Honeymoon
3. Meeting my Husband
4. The births of my Children
5. Attending the "Hollywood" World Premier of The Christmas Story in Cleveland (met 'Ralphie')
6. My First Day of College
7. Witnessing Michael Jordan and 'the shot' firsthand in Cleveland--it was NOT a happy time
9. My Children's First Days of School
10. The Day I found out I was Pregnant with my First Child

10 Books I Love

1. The Bible
2. "Gone with the Wind"
3. "A Prayer for Owen Meany"
4. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
5. "Dubliners"
6. "Mary, Queen of Scotts"
7. "Fight Club"
8. "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
9. "Oliver Twist"
10. "Rebecca"

10 Movies I Love

1. "Gone with the Wind"
2. "Casablanca"
3. "Sound of Music"
4. "Wizard of Oz"
5. "Fight Club"
6. "Super Size Me"
7. "Elf"
8. "A Christmas Story"
9. "Arsenic and Old Lace"
10. "The Godfather"

10 of My Favorite Posts thus far

10. This one (yeah, I'm cheating)


just jamie said...

Great list. Congrats on 100 posts!

Just read your germ-post, I had no idea. Has the Dr. Phil show aired? Must have if Spanky was 8 weeks old... How's that going?

Your movie selections crack me up ... Casablanca, Sound of Music, FIGHT CLUB? What a contrast?

Here's to the next 100! said...

Interesting on the foods. I don't have any of those. Shows you are a cook. Love your stores. And, Salzburg - did you take the SoM tour? It was amazing. I love du Maurier, too. Congrats on the milestone.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I must have fresh pineapple--bad, bad carbon footprint though!

John Irving is one of my favorite authors and A Prayer for Owen Meany one of my favorite books.

Congrats on getting to 100!

Brian and Staci said...

Wow! What great lists! I wouldn't know if it were my 10th or 100th post??!! Much less try to come up with 10 things on each list!!?? You are amazing! LOVE Wizard of Oz...and can you BELIEVE my kids have not seen it yet?! How terrible is that?! I've tried, mind's always rented when I do remember to rent it! Guess I'd better just buy it!!

mamachristina said...

happy 100th. great idea for your 100th celebration.

Kendra said...

Wow 100 posts! Congrats. I love your list of stuff. Great post.
Have a good week.

Elaine A. said...

I would have never guessed that you liked "Fight Club." That one suprised me. Love that you love Austin (my hometown!)

Congrats on the Big 1-0-0!!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!
You were on the Dr Phil show?! In the audience??
You need to come to Glasgow and add that city to your next 10 cities that you love!!
Cheers and here is to your next 100 posts. I'm so glad to have found you.
Love Amanda xx

Beth said...

You top three place are the same as mine. Congrats on the 100th post, an unique way to do it too.

Elizabeth said...

what a great post! i learned so much about you. :-) we have several #1s in common & a lot of in betweens. :-)

Happy 100th post!

kristen said...

for 100

You were on the Dr Phil show.
Wow I love watching that and Oprah. I always have them on while I'm doing things in the house.
You have a great blogpage. Hope to read more.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hey, this was fun to read! I agreed with so many of them, too. Congrats on 100! I love dropping by here...keep it up!

Momo Fali said...

Cleveland before Columbus? No!!! It can't be. I guess I'll let it slide since you have Etta James on your list.

Jennifer H said...

I love hearing someone say they love Cleveland. It's a great city, and we've seriously thought about moving there. (I still secretly wish we were...)

Great lists, all of them!

Congratulations on your 100th post!

auds at barking mad said...

Congrats on the 100th post! It's an awesome feeling isn't it! I love your lists. I was thinking of doing something like that for my 500th post for the new blog (150+ posts to go) but I don't know if I can wait that long. Can I pinch this from you?

Oh and I wish Sunday would hurry up already! I'm dying to read your next installment.

KC said...

WOO HOO congrats on your 100th post.. Great lists.
and sure you can come along on my weekends :)
being short to pass as one of the kids wouldn't matter LOL.
I'm only 5'1 my 12 year old has a good 2 to 3 inches on me already and the 8 year old is caughting up :P
DH is 6'2 I'm 5'1 I think the kids are taking after him LOL

JCK said...

Congrats on your 100th!!

The White House said...

What a great post! I really enjoyed reading through your lists (and making my own!) How old are your four kiddos?

Jen said...

What a fun way to do a 100th post. I just did mine a few weeks ago and it was so hard to think of 100 random things. I like the lists all organized like this. I love the movie "Elf". We watch it every year around the holidays.

McMommy said...

Can I just tell you how much I love Fight Club too?! And a Christmas Story?!

I really loved these 10 lists...i feel like I know you even better now!

Tiffany said...

What a fun idea to do your 100th post - I blew past mine and didn't celebrate it! Thanks for stopping by, by the way.

Great movie list - definitely some that I need to see!

CC said...

Great lists! Happy 100!

Texan Mama said...

Okay, here I am posting again. So wierd... one of your favorite cities is Ft. Myers Beach, FL and that is the city I go to every year with 3 college friends for a "girls trip".

Also one of my favorite movies is also Gone with the Wind.

So wierd.