Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reason we need to move 1-the old man

Have ever met a person that's always grumpy? You know it could be 73 degrees, sunny and when you comment on the beautiful day, he says rain is supposed to be coming later. Yeah? Well, maybe you met my neighbor, the mean old man. I'm actually thinking we had that conversation once but I am not sure as I try to block all meetings with him out of my mind. For his privacy, I am showing his picute ala June Cleaver style:

Note the obvious frown and the fist shaking in the air. This is his usual stance.
I could bore you (or scare you) with his numerous antics, complaints, etc. but I am going to describe a conversation we had with him yesterday.
Setting the stage--we are in a fairly 'new' neighborhood. We all have two to three trees in our front yards given by the builder. Recently the trees have started to mature and finally give shade during our triple digit summers. Well early in the morning, our homeschool morning was disturbed by the annoying sound of a wood chipper. It turns out our neighbor had someone come out and chop down his trees, completely.
I panicked thinking it must have been some really wacky tree disease and mentioned it to the verybusydadwith4.
The next day, the verybusydadwith4 sees mean old man.
"Hey, what happened to to your trees," sweet verybusydadwith4 inquires.
"Chopped 'em down," mean old man mutters.
"What was wrong with them?" verybusydaywith4 continuing the painful conversation.
"Too many acrons," he grumbles.
"Yeah," verybusydadwith4 said always trying to find the good side of people. "They can be a pain."
"I don't like picking 'em up," her pauses. "I don't like 'em."
And then he went inside.
It's just one of the reasons I really want, no need, to move.


Brian and Staci said...

Yes, you must pack and move..tonight! Bummer, that's terrible. Why must people be so unkind? We live on 30 acres, and although, sometimes, I wish we had neighbors closer, it is quite nice to do whatever we want to do, however loud or crazy! It's funny, last night after I set there for who knows how long to come up with 7 things about me (that's a whole other post...why is it that you feel you lose your identity as an individual after kids, hmmm, I wonder???? Could it be because all I do is for my kiddoes??) I came up with several other things that would've been more amusing, maybe?! You say your hair is straight...and you try to curl it and it won't seems as though we want what we cannot have sometimes huh? If I "curl" my hair, on top of the curl that's in it...I'd be curly for 3 days! Crazy! Well, gotta run, snack time ya know, and Sweet Husband is leaving for PA until Sunday...BUMMER! We are having severe weather here as well through the evening...stay safe!

fullheartandhands mama said...

I'm sorry for you, but it is a bit funny.

HRH said...

Those pesky oak trees...OMG! What a loon.

Anonymous said...

That's very crotchity. Shame on the old man.

Momo Fali said...

Weird neighbors is a perfectly acceptable reason to move. You could stop the list right there!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Ugh! We have a crabby-patty that lives across the street from us, too. (maybe they are related!) The kids are all afraid of him because he sits on his front porch and watches them like an eagle when they are outside playing ball, etc. He doesn't want anyone to step foot on his lawn, heaven forbid! Hey, maybe you could sell your house to my neighbor and move in across the street from me? :o) Then the old farts could be crabby together and we'd have a blast I'm sure!


OHmommy said...

LOL... you MUST move.

GREAT picture!

JCK said...

Moving might be in order. But, then you could inherit the very cranky lady who throws things... I'm just imagining this.

MommyTime said...

He's so cranky that I'm laughing. "Darn acorns. Chop down the trees!" It's like the Red Queen in Alice, "off with his head!" for every little thing. I'm sorry he's so grumpy, as I can imagine that would be very hard to live with. If you do move, I wish for you many neighbors who bake pies and smile a lot.

Maria said...

Hey, this sounds EXACTLY like us! When we moved in our house we had a grouchy old man next door who wanted every house around his to cut down their trees so they would put leaves on his picture perfect lawn. Well, the old man (and BTW that was what we called him) moved into an old folks home and died shortly after. Now a single mom lives there with two girls, one of which is one of my daughter's best friends! I can't believe it worked out that great! Maybe it will for you, too:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nicole said...

I'm bubbly by nature - I talk to pretty much anyone. So when someone is bitter and grumpy, I usually just egg them on until I either get a smile or they flee for their sanity!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's always fun to hear a new voice!