Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara

(reader note--I like to write a quick note to my children on their birthdays to tell them about their year, their likes and dislikes. My hope is they will look back when they read it and have fond memories in their later years.)

Now you are seven years old! Even though you are a middle child, you have found your way and are proudly making your mark on the world. You still love to draw, do puzzles and DANCE

but now you have proudly added two new favorites--reading and math. You love to pick up a book and read to your fish (who keep having babies) and you always 'skip ahead' on your math homework and have it done before we even go over it!

This year daddy surprised you with a fish tank. You are so proud of your fish. You watch them and talk to them. They love to swim up to your hand when you stick it in the the tank so you can 'pet' them.

Your best friends at school are Katie and Sara. You get so excited when your friends come over. You love to sit at the front window and wait for their car to come into the driveway and then you have so much planed.

In that regard, you are a lot like me. I am so surprised how alike we are becoming. You like to have everything planned and organized before you go anywhere (like mommy!) and you can be terribly stubborn (like um someone ;) )especially when I serve a food you hate (coq au vin).

Your favorite TV shows are Backyardigans and Little Bear. You love to play music from Backyardigans on the ipod and sing and dance :)

You still have an attraction to the villian characters on every show. It's OK--Cinderella and Snow White can be so one-dimensional ;) but that doesn't mean you don't love to dress up in your princess dresses and jewelry. You still prefer your pink and white play dress over everything else though!

And you are still just crazy about your little brother! I remember when Spanky was first born, you did not want him out of your sight and most pictures of him have you watching close by. I love this picture even though you weren't the focal point, your expression says it all.

Just watching you with Spanky tells me what a really fabulous adult you are going to be. You always run to him if he is upset, reading little books to him and when I am gone, Spanky always goes to you, his big sister,  for comfort.

Sara, you continue to amaze your family with all you do and I know your future is going to be incredible!

I love you more than chocolate challah bread pudding on a beach vacation!



CC said...

This is such a wonderful letter! I also write one to my kids each year, and another (similar) one to their birthparents.

Brian and Staci said...

Oh so sweet. What a great idea. I may have to "blognap" it from you :) Sounds like one incredible little---or shall we say---getting big girl! Enjoy your day! Can't wait to see b-day pics!

mah-meeee said...

That is a great idea to write something for your kids to remember on their birthdays.

She just look so grown up in the dance outfit! Did she have a performance?

PS. the shoes you were wondering about on my blog was from i love those shoes, but i dont' think i can afford them... sigh.

Anonymous said...

I still love that she is into the evil characters in movies. Happy Birthday!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Sara!

Great letter mom! Congratulations on 7 years of a job well done.

just jamie said...

You know, you just made me want to give extra kisses to * my* daughter tonight. Bravo.

Sweet, sweet tribute. Happy Birthday!

JCK said...

This was so lovely! Happy Birthday to your lovely Sara.

Jacque said...

Happy Birthday!!

Blessings From Above said...

What a wonderful idea! I am sure your children will cherish these letters as they grow older.

Thanks so much for leaving the link on my blog about the butterfly story. It really helped me to put things in perspective. Your kindness meant a lot! :)

Amanda said...

First time to your blog page!
Your little girl sounds just wonderful, cute too.
I also have 4 kids.
Hope you don't mind me stopping by.

Amanda x

Anonymous said...

that is an adorable letter and i am sure she and you will cherish it forever

fullheartandhands mama said...

So sweet. What a great tradition to do for your children!

mamachristina said...

what a sweet letter, and a beautiful little girl

Purple Teacup said...

Sweet. Now where's my cake?

KC said...

What a sweet sweet letter.. Happy birthday to Sara.

Elaine A. said...

What a sweet letter! Your daugher will love to read this someday... She's a beauty! Happy belated Birthday to her!

Kendra said...

Very sweet letter. What a remarkable young lady you have as a daughter. I'm sure you are a very proud Momma!

HRH said...

So sweet. I love the letter and she is just amazing.

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

happy birthday sara!!!!

great letter! i have a journal for tulip that i occasionally write in...someday it'll be hers. :-)