Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Chicken Pox Part Two

I know I just posted but even I was blushing with the 'me me' attitude of that number (I swear Tyra Banks took over my body!) so I feel I must share something with a bit more substance....
The pox are back! The pox are back! Two weeks ago girl #2 came down with the chicken pox--not a bad case, she basically had 40 spots and felt fine. Now girl #1, the only one of my kids who actually got the chicken pox vax, has had a fever for three days, stomach pains, head aches, throat pain and about 10 spots and counting. Boy #1 is now sitting on my lap, cuddling and he feels warm. He has 5 spots on his stomach and 6 on his back. Boy #2 is being fussy but still no signs....
So it appears I will be home this week, catching up on blogs, finding new ones and oh loving on these spotty babies!
The weird thing is I am not panicked. A sneeze or cough sends me into a tizzy and the sight of a runny nose makes me gag. And yet I am surrounded by one of the most contagious things in the world and I don't care. Oh, girl #1 just found another spot--off to get the calamine.
have a terrific Tuesday!

Vote for me! Vote for Me!

Wow--I have the amazing honor of being nominated in Mrs. Fussypant's caption contest.
Please go here and vote for me--"The wedding really got started with the traditional stomping of the cockroaches"
Yes, the others are pretty dang funny but who's your friend :)
And while there, be sure to check out her site! She is encouraging moms everywhere to dump the frump and be beautiful--hey it motivates me ;)
I also want to give a big thank you to the mom that got me into blogging.
She entered a whole new fame in the blogging world with 47 comments (!!!) on this fight the frump post and has awarded her commenters (that includes moi) the lovely flowers you see on top of the post (yes, that means I still don't know how to place pics but I'm getting there).
Have a great day and please vote vote vote

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My kids favorite show ;)

At school, the girls got a chance to watch "Our Gang"; they wanted us to get dvds of the show but wait, they are all on Youtube...so for about an hour this morning, we all watched these rather non pc shows
Baby Spanky is so cute--I just want to pinch those little cheeks.
I love that my kids find this funny and we did not have to watch Hanna Montanta for our Saturday morning TV ritual--at least not this week!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Uh-oh is never a good thing to hear!

Crash bam, waaahhhaaa, uh-oh (older daughter's bedside table tipped over while 3 yr old was climbing on it and fell over, complete with two full water cups, onto the now wet baby. Clean it up--3 yr old needs on potty)

Constant flushing, shhhh, shhhhh, shhhhh, uh-oh, mommy stop water (race in, potty water every where, including the hallway, boy sitting on potty while water is flowing out under him, looks horrifed--after shutting down water, bravely stick hand in overflowing comode, pull out entire mega roll of Charmin. Proceed to use every towel in house to clean up potty water.)

NOOOOO nooooooo, NOOOOO, noooo, WHACK, waaaaahaaaaaa, uh-oh (boys fought over toy and three year old pushed baby down onto hardwoods, big boo-boo cuddle to fix.)

Mommy, I want food pleeeeaaassseee (mommy proudly gets out already prepared soup, slips open and crashes out EVERYWHERE--thick, yummy tomato chipolte soup) Uh-Oh mommy....

And how was your morning?!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Woe me baby :)

Texas has suddenly gotten very popular with the presidential front-runners. I am seeing TV ads, radios ads and there are rallies in my town. WOW!! This is so new to us.
I remember watching what all the supporters were doing for voters at the Iowa caucus and I am wondering if our nominees are as helpful and caring as they were then? I specifically remember hearing Obama volunteers baby sat for voters so they could vote so....
Obama supporters: I have 4 kids and there is no way I can get out to vote unless YOU can watch them (free of course, giving any money might be illegal)
Huckabee supporters: I know you value religion, so I know you understand I need to pray on my vote; but it is so hard to pray with four kids; someone needs to watch my kids, like YOU while I head out and pray (either church or Starbucks) on this crucial issue
Clinton supporters: I'd love to vote but wouldn't you know Tuesday is grocery day--anyway YOU can help a sister out and drive out to Whole Foods and pick up my items?
McCain supporters: My car needs its maintenance check and it MUST be done on voting day--I want to vote but who knows how long this could take unless of course YOU could bring my car in.

So I'm thinking if all four requests are met, I can vote for someone---I'll say the first person to respond to my requests ;)
And now I will wait patiently by the phone.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Silly mistake or an unvitation....

A religious institution near our home likes to post things on its board usually like 'A 'religious book' in the hand is better than two on the shelf' or messages about upcoming events. Right now one side of the board reads 'WELCOME ALL' and the other side reads 'ALL SIGNS ARE MISLEADING'. I feel dissed every time I drive by.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Journey of my Java

8:30 am My conception
gourmet vacuum sealed gourmet beans ground and immedietly dispersed into filter with bottled water
8:35 am I am ready
8:50 am Still waiting but it's cool, er, warm, I'm in a thermal caraf
9:10 am Dumped into a cup and then....screams heard from odd tiny voices and I wait
9:25 am Placed in microwave for 20 seconds
9:26 am Half/half, sugar and cinnamon added to the cup
9:27 am Screams heard again--mutterings of needing help on the potty and finding the greatest common factor
9:48 am Microwave 20 seconds
9:55 am Taken out of microwave despite constant beeping for almost ten minutes
9:56 am Journey to school desk, go over spelling words---aahhhh a sip is taken
9:58 am Baby cries and I am set down once again
10:24 am More coffee added in the cup along with sugar and half/half
10:25 am Screams of 'I'm starving, can we eat' 'I hate that' 'Don't we have anything else?' I wait--If I could sigh I would
10:53 am Microwave 20 seconds
11:15 am removed from microwave and then placed back in 20 seconds
11:16 am The second sip is taken and then there are mutterings of a crappy coffee maker and I am dumped down the drain .

Such is the morning for my cup of java. I blame the coffee maker.

Friday, February 15, 2008

What's your value....

This is funny, sad, alarming and confusing all at the same time

Chairman Mao should have waited until the Clinton administration ;) (that was an actual quote from a Chinese official)

So many blogs, so little time....

So I've been stuck at home with girl #2 and her fabulous spots aka the chicken pox and I have had a few moments to sit down (with the nursing baby of course) and check out this blogging world.
I am in awe of all the incredible, ingenious people out there who are writing truly incredible blogs, complete with pictures, links, backdrops and oh a really good story! 
These are just a few of the ones I have read-I encourage you to check them out:

June Cleaver Nirvana
Moms That Know That
Watch me! No, Watch Me!
And Then Sum

These are just a few. I will try to create me own 'blog roll' but at the moment a certain six year old is 'ITCHY, ITCY' and must be dumped in a tub of comforting oatmeal! (If you are reading this, please pray my other kids have natural immunity or get very very very very very very mild cases of this!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Am I dreaming???!!!!

My wonderful, fantastic, amazing husband took three of our four kids to the movies AND the baby left at home is sleeping!
The planets are obviously in perfect alignment and I would not be surprised if world peace was declared right this very second.
I wish every mom could experience this, daily ;)

Friday, February 8, 2008

But he's almost the same....

This morning I was playing trains with my three year old son when he realized 'boy with the phone' was missing. I tried to distract him with 'boy with the computer' or 'pirate' or even 'girl with purse' but noooooo, he had to find 'boy with the phone' right then and there. He began looking through, well dumping out, his toy containers, saying 'where is he? where is he?'. Now keep in mind these little guys are tiny about 1/2 the size of a polly pocket (yet another joyous toy!) and one of those toys that a Dyson can easily scoop up. I continue to try to distract him but to no avail. He refuses to play unless he finds 'boy with the phone'. He disappears and I end up playing with his baby brother and the second rate 'boy with the computer'--thankfully the baby does not know the difference ;)
So about 30 minutes later, I hear really fast footsteps and a big smile. He is holding 'boy with phone' with a huge smile. Life is good!