Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vote for me! Vote for Me!

Wow--I have the amazing honor of being nominated in Mrs. Fussypant's caption contest.
Please go here and vote for me--"The wedding really got started with the traditional stomping of the cockroaches"
Yes, the others are pretty dang funny but who's your friend :)
And while there, be sure to check out her site! She is encouraging moms everywhere to dump the frump and be beautiful--hey it motivates me ;)
I also want to give a big thank you to the mom that got me into blogging.
She entered a whole new fame in the blogging world with 47 comments (!!!) on this fight the frump post and has awarded her commenters (that includes moi) the lovely flowers you see on top of the post (yes, that means I still don't know how to place pics but I'm getting there).
Have a great day and please vote vote vote


HRH said...

OMG--I just was at Fussy and saw this! That's MY Lisa. Big time girl! We can have a little inservice about the images thing...Congrats.

Purple Teacup said...


HRH said...

so exciting!