Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scarring him for life

The kids needed a haircut. Seriously, you could not see their eyes. Now usually I take them to my hairdresser at my foo-foo 'natural' salon--I have had little success with the places that specialize in kids' cuts.   Sadly, getting appointments for 4 young children is something you don't just walk in and do the same day. It was going to be two weeks before they could be seen. And well, if I waited that long, my boys would not be able to see them at all.

After getting off the phone, I spied a 20% off coupon for a haircut at the place Sarah had her birthday party. It was a very sweet place--you know the girlie place with lots of sparkles, fairy dust and manicures. And they cut hair. 

I picked up the phone and called. They could cut all the kids' hair and they had a stylist that specialized in boy cuts. She could took care of both boys the same time the girls got their hair done the next morning and did I mention it was next to a coffee shop, a Barnes and Noble, AND an Origins ( I was low on moisturizer ;) ). 

So the next day I piled them into the car to the girlie girl hair salon. They started on the girls right away and did a very quick cut for Spanky--he is not into the whole hair cutting thing ;)
Dino was next and donned a cool dude cape. Now if you missed some posts on Dino, here's the deal. Dino is very into personal care, neatness, matching (down to the underwear) and overall looking good. He watched his reflection very careful with each cut and smiled at the haridresser as she went on and on about how cute he was. He loved it.

Once it was over for he and the girls, he noticed the girls got glitter and sparkle 'tatoos' on their faces. Well, honestly what is better than some glitter sparkle, right?! Dino had to have it and he loved it. He's four--what is better than sparkles on your head. It is cool, right?

Later that day, daddy came home and complimented the new dos.

"I thought you couldn't get in," he commented.

"Oh we went to (insert name foo-foo girly girl store). They had a blast," I smiled.

My husband turned a lovely shade of red. "What? You can't take a BOY to get his hair cut there."

"Well why?"

"Because he'll get his butt beat on the playground."

"Uh, he's four and I am betting they don't discuss who does their hair and if they did they should go to the girly girl place."

"Next time I take him to get his haircut at the mens' place."

The mens' place is this decked out wood paneled barber shop type thing with plasmas, pool tables, beer and big boobed hairdressers (or so the ad shows). I don't think Dino (or Spanky for that matter) really need to go to a place like this yet but I caved. If they hate it, they can go back to the glitter store.

So now it is time for haircuts again and I am patiently waiting for the daddy to make appointments and get the boys' hair done. I give him one more week and if he has not done it, they join me and the girls at the foo-foo girly girl salon. 

Honey, you have been warned.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hahaha! This is awesome! I love it when guys get all flustered when their boys are taken to a "foo-foo" place or pick up a doll or try on their sisters' play jewelry. Hilarious!

Amanda said...

That sounds like fun place to go and get a hair cut! Who cares where the hair is cut, as long as it's a good cut ( and the kids are happy?! )
Looking handsome with his new hair do :)

Carol said...

My husband would have been exactly the same way.

I love that he wanted sparkles too!

Looks like the foo-foo people did a great job!

Carolina Mama said...

So sweet! And you got a cute picture. I heard a Mom ask her Mom at the boys clothes rack, Mom what about this "pink oxford" and her mom said, "We are not dressing Jack in pink!" ;)

You were hilarious about the spill. ;) Glad I didn't try to clean the rug in the sink .... ;)

EatPlayLove said...

LOL! I just have to say, I am happy having 2 girls, because it's so much easier to get away with unconventional things. Such as taking your little boys to a foo foo place for a haircut! I've seen boys at those places before.

BTW....there's something waiting for you at my blog!

Brian and Staci said...

How fun! If I had an excuse to take them to a girlie froo-froo place I would...they would love the glitter and shine! But, alas, my boys will just get to go to the hairstylist Hubby goes to. At these ages...I think it's all good :) No scars!

Richard said...
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Elizabeth said...

okay, I am REPOSTING...the one above is my husband's account...I am deleting it...I didn't realize I posted thru his instead of mine...

what I said was...always a great story from our very own Lisa!

Jacque said...

He looks great, girl haircut place or not. ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We've gone to a beauty school forever--it's the only way we can afford to keep up on haircuts AND they actually listen to what the kids want. When you have boys with longer hair that's very important.

Elaine A. said...

That is so funny! He can hang out with my guy who wants to wear the girls flip-flops for Tar-jay! (tee hee!)

Jennifer H said...

My husband takes our son for his haircuts most of the time. I'm guessing this is why.

Men are so funny about stuff like this.

This was hilarious. What's better than glitter?