Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Joy! Another Meeting with Special Ed

I got a notice about yet another meeting with Dino's special ed teachers. This time they want to discuss kindergarden yet want me to fill out a form with medical information.

Hmmmm...odd they want to do this now after we had his MRI last month. The MRI the teachers more or less demanded and pestered me to schedule. Because they just knew Dino's late development meant something was wrong in his brain and not anxiety related. 

Well, Dino's MRI results did come back and.......he was completely normal. Absolutely nothing wrong with his brain functions. Absolutely nothing wrong with his brain.

Yet another doctor who believes Dino has some anxiety issues.

Next week, I will once again hear how my son does not know how to speak and cannot play with the other children. And I will once again tell them he speaks in full sentences (sometimes non-stop) at home, imaginative plays with his sisters and brothers, has two 'bestest friends' at his other school, plays and shouts on the playground at the other school. Then they will once again tell me something is wrong because he is not talking at school. And I will once again bring up possible anxieties.

See many a time Dino has come from this school sad because they don't listen to his answers and ask him the same questions over and over. "They don't listen" he tells me with tears streaming down his face. Then he tells he's 'a little sick' and 'needs to stay home from (school name)'.  

Sounds like an anxiety-issue to me. But not to them. At least not based on their current comments. At this point I am still greeted with snickers and rolled eyes when I mention anxiety and possible social mutism.  I am treated like a parent in denial. 

I will learn more next week. I pray it goes well and they will listen to me, the mommy, and the doctors. I might be asking too much from this group.


Dawn said...

That sounds unbelievable frustrating! I am so sorry! I don't know the entire situation, but can he go to a different school, where maybe they will Listen to him, you, and the doctors?
Mother's definitely know best!! So sorry they don't realize that!!

Elaine A. said...

Prayers from here too. Sorry you AND Dino are going through this and I hope they will listen!!

dani said...

gosh, lisa, what do you do other than show up and listen to what they have to say. maybe you should video him at home an/or at his "other school" so that they can see first-hand that maybe he is not the problem:?
i hope it will all work out ok:)

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Stick to your guns and don't give up. I'm sure you'll be met with frustration and people who will make you second-guess yourself. BUt, don't do it! Trust your gut and be the advocate for Dino that he really needs. You know him way better than anyone else. You know what he needs.

GOod luck. I'm praying for an outcome that will give your family peace.

Colored With Memories said...

how frustrating! coming from a former school teacher, be persistent. i think your persistence will pay off!

Amanda said...

Poor Dino. It must break your heart seeing him unhappy. But reading your other comments what Dani has suggested sounds like a good idea and might be worth thinking about.
Good luck and i hope the meeting goes ok.
Amanda x

Jacque said...

I was wondering about his MRI, I'm glad it went well. I hope the meeting with the teachers goes better than the last one. Good luck.

mah-meeee said...

ahhh... i get frustrated just reading what you have to go through.

however don't think too much yet about the medical forms for kindergarten. we have to do them here in our district for kindergarten. (at least i hope that's what your 'school' wants...)

hang in there.

JCK said...

Listen to your gut. You have good instincts. All of which you describe sounds like he is doing very well.

Can you take him out of this school?

Elizabeth said... frustrating that must be. i really hope that dino's teachers start considering other options on how to relate with him instead of expecting him to meet their expectations of what is "normal". a lot a lot of kids do not speak in public or certain public places. that is so normal! tulip talks nonstop at home but does not talk much in crowds, when anyone is watching except for people that she becomes very comfortable with, and babbles a lot of nonsense that 1/2 sound like real words. is she normal...soooo normal and is a bit introverted. why do all kids need to be extroverted in order for teachers and peers to think they are "smart"...that is such an annoyance to me!

Brian and Staci said...

Oh so thankful the MRI came back COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! YAY!!! Been meaning to ask you about that :0 I am sorry that little Dino doesn't love his school. Is changing schools an option?? I will continue to pray for this situation in your life and your meeting with "The Teachers". Those meanies :( parent in ^#*!!!! You are so in control they have NO clue! Love ya girl!

KC said...

UGH what a pain((((((((HUGS))))))))
Im sort of a little like Dawn.. Does he have to be at this school.. I see you said he has two schools. Could he just go to the one he seems to be doing well at, or is there a need for him to be at this other one where the teachers seem to think they know it all.. It is driving me nuts thinking of them not listening to him.. that is one thing I can not stand is when adults don't take the time to hear what kids are telling them.. and for a teacher to do that, that is just SOOOOOOOOO wrong..
I'll keep you all in my prayers.
(((HUGS))) said...

Email me, hon. I know someone who had a kid with social mutism. He sounds like he has it - from what you describe.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am joining you in this prayer! I bet you feel REALLY frustrated!!!

CC said...

HUGS!!!!! I've worked with 4 or 5 children with selective mutism. And if this is what is going on, then I hope you can all get all the help you need. One thing that would have been helpful, is if one of my parent's had provided me with a video of the child talking at home.

Hopefully, the team next year (in K) will be more supportive.

kristen said...

I'm living your frustration with my Logan. I'm so nervous about him starting school this year. He has Hirschsprungs Disease and mild Autism.
Being a mum is tough isn't it.

EatPlayLove said...

Well, first of all you know in your heart what Dino needs. Secondly these teachers are fleeting. Few more months and they'll be last years news, hopefully!

Stay strong!

virginia said...

I feel for you .My son has tourettes that gets activated from anxiety and also adhd etc.I am thinking about just homeschooling so he can relax.