Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Tune--Giddy up, let's GO

Quick PSA--If you have not frozen the Thanksgiving leftovers yet, it's time to throw them out :)

Click play for today's tune:

Dino loves this song. He sings it all year :)

And it always has to be this version. There is just something festive, cheery and fun in Johnny Mathis' voice that just makes you want to smile. And Dino does smile.

So hurry up, hurry up let's go (and as Dino says) let's look at the SHOW (we're in Texas remember--snow is nonexistent!)

(If you'd like to join in the Tuesday Tune fun, let me know. If I can get enough interest, I'll add a Mr. Linky ;)  )


Jacque said...

Phoebe and I enjoyed the Tuesday Tune!

BTW, have you heard Travis Cottrell's Ring the Bells Christmas CD? It's my fav and I know you love Christmas music. :)

Burgh Baby said...

You can't make me throw out the leftovers! I'm totally willing to live dangerously for a little bit of mashed potatoes. ;-)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am giving the last of the turkey to the dog right now! ;)

dani said...

yea!!! the turkey carcass is garbage bound as soon as i finish blogging. we haven't eaten any more of it since saturday... you just reminded me it's ok to pitch it:D
i love jm's version of the sleigh ride, too, lisa!!!

AFF said...

You know what's great? The 3yo is obviously loving the 24/7 XM Chrissy, because although I have never taught him, he busted out with Jingle Bells tonight. LOVED it. And, when he got stuck, he improvised lines. "...over the hills we go...to building snowmans!"