Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can you spare some prayers again?

When I had Spanky, I joined a message board group on iVillage. I went through phases of being involved to not so involved to never even looking at the board. But last year almost to the day, I noticed an urgent positive thoughts posts for one of the members. It was a sweet mom named Jo who had lost a child years before. Her son Dante, two days older than Spanky (age 2), had Neuroblastoma. I joined her Care Pages site and kept little Dante in my prayers for a year. In the summer it seemed like it might be getting better. He went through some really really intense treatment including being in a lead room where anything that went in was not allowed to go out.

The cancer went into his eyes and he cannot see. Her posts recently were getting more worrisome. And then the other night she posted this:

"Our son is dying. The bruising in his eyes are obviously Neuroblastoma. He does have a scan tomorrow, it will only tell us what we already know. NB will not back down, and at this point will eventually take over. However, Dante has ultimately won this battle because he will no longer suffer. He has fought like a true soldier. An amazing Trooper."

I have read as Dante has fought this horrible horrible cancer better than Superman. She has shared pics of his big smiles and I only see joy on his face. I have never met him or his parents, Jo and Tony, but my heart is aching for them.

On their last update, they were working with a doctor to get treatment so he can see in the what is more than likely the last weeks of his short but meaningful life. I pray this is a success!

Right now they need prayers. Prayers do help. Pray for Dante. Pray that he can see. Pray that his mother can hold him a few more weeks. Pray that his daddy can open Christmas presents with him. Pray for a Christmas miracle. Just please, PRAY.

No comments--please take the few moments you usually use to leave a sweet comment and PRAY.

Thank you!