Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Day My Mom Won a Major Award

My mother loves talk radio. She loves to listen and she loves to win the radio contests offered by local radio guests. 

When I was young, she was really lucky. When she was on the air, we would huddle around the radio and listen to her--and yes, laugh a little.

And then one year, she won a major award. It was tickets to the world premiere of a Christmas movie filmed right in Cleveland. The movie was not too hyped. We'd never even heard about it but hey it was better than winning something Italian (you know fra-gee-lee) or a lamp resembling a human body part.

Both my sister and I got in the car with my mom to see the movie. We sang Christmas songs on the way there (you know Deck the Halls--fa-la-la-la, not fa-ra-ra-ra). Then we got to the theater in Cleveland. It was truly a fancy site. There was a Salvation Army band playing (all proceeds from the night went to the organization), a fancy spread of food--no mangled turkey or whole duck though. 

There were stars. But behind a velvet rope. He was there minus a red rider BB gun but with glasses (unbroken) and no, he did not look like a pink nightmare. He was  just looking at the crowds with awe--like he was looking in Higbee's department window. I remembered him from "Real People" but not much else.

We took our seats and we watched to movie. Then just  like that,  the major award was over. 

I told my mom I thought the movie was OK. She insisted the movie was incredible and destined to be a classic in the years to come. I thought she was buzzed from radiator fumes.

And now years later, 25 years to be exact, my mom was right. It is a classic. It was one of the first movies I bought a DVD for and it is a movie I watch every single Christmas with my girls. And every single time I tell them about this night--so much I am sure they are going to try to stick a bar of soap in my mouth to shut me up. 

So what movie is it? Go ahead I guess--I double dog dare ya, no wait, I triple dog dare ya (yes, a breach of etiquette). 


Amanda said...

I think the movie was called 'A Christmas Story'??
It's a good one anyways!
Your Mum is very lucky ~ has she won any competitions recently?
LOL, maybe she could rub off some of her luck on me!!

Brian and Staci said...

I'm with Amanda...It's A Christmas Story???? Yep, very funny. I haven't let the boys watch it yet...maybe Connor this year would enjoy it?? What a fun memory for you!

Tyne said...

I love that movie, cannot believe you saw the premiere! You're gonna shoot your eye out!

Blessings From Above said...

A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie!!! Definitely a classic. That is so cool that you were able to go to the premiere...a major award indeed.

dani said...

i love, love, love a Christmas story!!! how fun it would have been to have gotten to go to the premiere:D and what an awesome memory you have to share with your family each time you watch!!!
we always have chinese take-out when we watch:b

Michelle said...

A Christmas Story is one of our favorites around here too! I think the little one playing in his mashed potatoes has to be one of my favorite parts~

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I like the others would say A Christmas Story! Please let us know.

Jackie said...

Yep - only one of my favorite Christmas movies ever! Even though I know it by heart, it still makes me laugh hysterically. How cool that your mom won the major award and took you with her to see it! ;)

Miss Lisa said...

Yes--you are all right :)

I got to see the first showing of A Christmas Story--an unforgettable moment I did not notice at the time :0

Anti-Supermom said...

I've got to tell you I'm so jealous.

How awesome is that and your Mom must be pretty cool too :)

Gretchen said...

Cute Story. I love it!

Unknown said...

I. am. SO. Jealous. Your Mom rocks. And that movie cracks me up EVERY time. I gotta go find my DVD now... see ya! ; )

Anonymous said...

Your Mother sounds *so* cool! What a fun story! And we are thinking the movie was "A Christmas Story" ...?


WeaselMomma said...

I totally love A Christmas Story. We just watched it last night.