Thursday, December 4, 2008

Got a Gossip Queen or Creepy Stalker on your Christmas List?

May I highly suggest Loud'n'Clear. Now it looks like a bluetooth and was created to help older people but it has even better uses like spying on neighbors and eavesdropping on the hot chicks at a party and even...well I'll just let the ad explain it:

I think I will only be texting in public from now on ;)


dani said...

that is so funny, lisa!!! can you even imagine how bad one's feelings could be hurt if the conversation being eavesdropped upon concerned the person with the loud and clear???
john could actually, really use one (many years of management in a very loud industry!!!).
much love,

photomama said...

Your perspective and how you just say things is hilarious in itself.

Elizabeth said...

it's just tooooo funny!

Jennifer H said...

I hope no one gets one of these for my husband. Can't have him start hearing everything I mutter under my breath!