Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Christmas Tradition

I have been loving the blogs more than ever recently. I love seeing people's homes transform into winter wonderlands and more than that,  hearing about the things they do as a family that make Christmas time that more special.

Our tradition involves a five star hotel, a to die for breakfast, free cider and cookies listening to one of the top vocal groups in Dallas.

It's Caroling at the Adolphus. I love the Adolphus--it's where Mike and I had our wedding reception, where we like to eat for our anniversary (and if you are in Dallas you must eat here--it's the French Room--one of the top restaurants in Dallas) and the hotel is just plain beautiful.

We always get to the event early. And we always have breakfast in their not-as-fancy-as-the-French-Room bistro. I love it because it is not very crowded and the kids can eat in semi-fancy restaurant without me having to worry about them acting out. Oh and they love the food too.

Huevos rancheros anyone? (You do know she's from Texas right.)

After breakfast, we join an ever growing crowd in what is possibly the most beautiful hotel lobby ever, for some fantastic free entertainment. Today it's the Turtle Creek Chorale. This is one of Dallas' very famous chorale groups and if you can get your hands on one of their CDs do so--they are extremely talented. We have almost all of their Christmas CDs--they have giveaways during radio commercial breaks (it's live on the WRR) and we have won some. Miley won one today too! 

We love to sit on the big fluffy couches.

Oh and did I mention they serve free hot cider and home made cookies?


And then there is the tree. I wish I had my real camera with me to show you this thing. It had some of the neatest ornaments, even a stuffed animal in the big branches and a ball bigger than a basketball. Hope this way too blurry pic can show you a little of how awesome that tree was.

And that is our tradition. If you are in Dallas, I highly suggest you reserve a day this week to check it out :)


Brian and Staci said...

What a GREAT way to celebrate!!! We've never been there...but hear it is amazing! I love Sarah's (at least I think it's Sarah..) Little white fur trimmed collar on that dress! Absolutely beautiful! It's such a good thing I only had boys! I'd be broke! Anyway, what an amazing time! Memories I'm sure they will all cherish!
And I guess I missed your last I'll comment now...I'm with ya sister...and I only have 2 kiddoes! I literally have a list a mile long that I have had a death grip on for fear if I lose it...I will inevitably forget a book for a Dirty Santa present for Connor's class...or the cut out hands we had to do for Jake's class to make reindeer antlers...oh ya know, that list goes on :) UGGH! I do think I'm done. I think I checked the last thing off today. Now, I just have to make sure I get all these things to their appropriate places and times :) And a Merry friggin' Christmas to everyone too :) (Said in the most lovingly voice I can muster up at this point :o )

dani said...

that is a GREAT tradition, lisa!!! i bet your kids love, love, love it:) and, you get to enjoy it, too... bonus deluxe!!!
ps have you ever stayed at the opryland hotel??? it's similar, i think:?

Amanda said...

I love tradition! We always go out for a meal on Christmas Eve for Husbands Birthday (yes his Birthday is on the 24th!)
I would love to visit Texas, but never mind eating there ~ i would just love to taste your cooking!
Just kidding, it looks just lovely.
Amanda x

photomama said...

I love this traditon. It definately seems like a festive and enjoyable time.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

WOW! I LOVE that tradition! :)

Jacque said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

CC said...


Clare said...

it looks like an amazing way to celebrate the holiday, and the breakfast sounds fabulous!!

just jamie said...

Wait, only if they have free hot cider and homemade cookies...

anti-supermom said...

I have a list of things that we have to do before Christmas - event-wise. We are running out of time, but the list is getting shorter too.

This looks like so much fun and I bet it's not zero degrees there :)

Momo Fali said...

What fun! I wish I was in Dallas right now! Actually, anywhere farther south than Kentucky would be great. I'm ready for spring!

One of our favorite holiday traditions is going to a hotel where they serve hot chocolate and popcorn to the kids and read them stories in the lobby. Seeing the kids in their pajamas, next to the big Christmas tree with such happy little faces. It is so much fun!

Elaine A. said...

We may have to check this out next year. Is it only one day or weekend? Fill me in, please! The Adolphus is just gorgeous and the Turtle Creek Chorale... well they're just awesome!