Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Activities!

Now that school's out for us, it's time to plan some summer fun :)

I like to have most of our summer stuff planned well before the last ring of the school bell but what I like to do and what I actually do are two entirely different things--lucky for me, most moms tend to procrastinate when it comes to summer stuff so I am not facing lots of closed activities.

Usually I have a pretty fair budget from money we've saved for this season; however, it appears we need food to live and gas to drive so the budget is smaller this time around. As a result, I am getting a chance to be more creative in our choices. I've already got the swim lessons for the middle two lined up, math tutoring for Miley (she's just thrilled lol), an enrichment camp for Dino, fashion design week for the girls, ballet camps (intense workshop for Miley--not required but *highly recommended* wink, wink) and of course the summer stand by, Vacation Bible School (what would we do without VBS?).

Now I am looking for a few other 'free' stuff. I have discovered some Toastmasters offer speech 'class' for grade school and up kids, a math homeschool club, the library's book club and lots and lots of playdates! I am also going to try to resurrect an American Girl book club I put together among Miley and friends last summer and I want to get some kids' Sara's age together to have spelling bees or maybe a 'Little Bear' book club--who knows.

On top of that I am going to take advantage of living in one for of the hotter (intended pun) cities in the US and visit museums, berry picking, etc.

And I'm hoping all these options will keep us busy at least 10% of the summer ;)

So my question to all you mommies out there--what are your summer plans--I need some ideas!


CC said...

So much fun!!! I wanna live with you!! The speech class sounds like a great opportunity (this coming from a former debator) since that is such an area of need for so many.

We are going on vacations to CA and VA. 4 day 1/2 day summer camp for The Flash (1st experience for him doing this). Swim lessons. That's it.

I can't believe you are out of school already! I still have a month to go!

Kendra said...

I hear ya ... I have been thinking about this a lot lately and trying to figure out how I'm gonna keep my kiddos busy and happy on a budget! lol Everything I come up with cost a fortune.

We will probably do a lot of days at the park and playing in the backyard.

I'm still thinking ... If I come up with any brilliant ideas I’ll comment them. Otherwise, I’m gonna check back to see what other Momma’s have to say! :)

Momo Fali said...

Whatever we do, it's going to be close to home. Gas prices are killing me! My daughter is going to an adventure camp this year, that looks so fun I with they would admit adults too!

Anonymous said...

We'll be at the gym 4 days a week at 9am. MW is swimming. TTh is themed "camp" where I will actually get a couple of hours to myself.

Elaine A. said...

Geez girl, it sounds like you got it covered to me. You're gonna hit some water parks, right? I mean I know you said free but that is a must around here!

The library is good - they have the AC on all the time! HA!

Amanda said...

In Scotland our schools don't stop until the end of June and return mid-August. When do your schools go back after the summer holidays?
Looks to me you have got everything planned out well.
How about a wee trip to the cinema?

Love Amanda x

Amanda said...

Hi, got your comment, the kids here get 6 weeks holiday in the summer and about 2 weeks at xmas time. 2 weeks at easter and lots of long weekends, infact the school is off this friday and monday. Bank holiday weekends.
Too amny holidays if you ask me!!!

Love Amanda x