Monday, May 5, 2008

A Monday Meme

I was tagged by Jacque here :)

What was I doing five years ago?
Planning a very fun Disney World Vacation with my two daughters and thinking how nice it was going to be to be shortly out of diapers forever ;)--little did I know two little boys were waiting to join our family!

Five Things on my to-do list
1. Laundry
2. Set up homework schedule
3. Plan dinner
4. Meet friends for coffee/story hour
5. Buy summer reading books

Snacks I enjoy
1. hummus with jalepeno baked pita chips
2. stuffed jalepenos
3. chipolte chips
4. chilpote and cranberry cheddar cheese with crackers
(see a pattern?)

What would I do if I became a sudden billionaire?
Stop stressing and buy our church its new wing. Then I'd take the family on a very long cruise. We would also move and plant lots of acorn producing trees :)

List five cities where I've lived
1. Akron
2. Bath (NOT the beautiful one in England sadly)
3. Columbus
4. Dallas
And that is it :)

Five jobs I've had
1. Hostess for the oh so lovely Olive garden
2. Waitress for a mob run restaurant
3. Tech Writer for a very big company
4. Freelance copywriter
5. Volunteer sous chef (best job listed here!)

Three bad habits
1. Eating too many sweets
2. Staying up too late
3. Watching too much TV (see #2)

Five random things about me
1. I have been watching Days of Our Lives on and off for over 25 years.
2. I am the frugal one in my marriage.
3. I am allergic to beef.
4. I like candles and flowers on the dinner table, daily :)
5. I am a hot yoga junkie!

Now I am tagging anyone who would like to play on this lovely Monday :)


Elaine A. said...

OMG! I am a hot yoga junkie too! OH wait, that's not quite true.

But I have all your bad habits so we can be friends anyway, right? ; )

Jacque said...

What's hot yoga? ;)

BTW, the playground toy I mentioned in my blog is so cool! I just ordered it (or a similar one) here:

HRH said...

The Olive Garden is owned by the MOB? haha

I didn't know you did hot too. LOVE it. Couldn't live without it.

Momo Fali said...

Allergic to beef? Ack! Oh, and I'm an on-again off-again DOOL fan as well!

OHmommy said...

Ok... we could be snacking buddies. For real.

You aren't in Akron now are you? I am there abouts. :)

CC said...

So... did you know Playboy is going to do a "Women of the Olive Garden" photoshoot? Are YOU going to be in it! :) :)

Anonymous said...

You are way into the HOT foods, eh? And, allergic to beef would kill me. That would be as bad as saying I could only eat 100 carbs a day for life...oh, wait. I was already told that by my doc!

KC said...

Ok we would get along perfect.. we can get together stay up late watching TV and eating to much junk food. ;P
I think the staying up late thing comes from it being my only "ME" time.. after everyone has gone to bed.

mah-meeee said...

you're one 'spicy' gal! i love your snacks list... where can i get chipolte & cranberry cheddar cheese?

you have time for candles and flowers on the table every night? can i come over for dinner? *wink*

Blessings From Above said...

Your a spicy one! At least when it comes to food.

Akron and Bath??? Very cool. So close to me! I grew up in Tallmadge and now live in Stow.

fullheartandhands mama said...

Mmmm, I love spicy food.

I've never tried hot yoga, but I've heard good things. Maybe one of these days.

I might have to steal this meme in a few days.

Jennifer H said...

Mmm, hummus with jalapeno pita chips.

Candles and flowers on the dinner table every night sounds lovely. My kids would think they had landed on another planet.

Great answers!

Kendra said...

I have never done yoga! Maybe I should try it....

I too love candles and flowers on my the dinner table. I love to have flowers all over my house though.

Purple Teacup said...

LOL about the acorns. I watch DAYS too, ever since I can remember because my mom would watch it when she folded laundry.