Thursday, July 2, 2009

Suddenly I'm Bright and Breezy

I am not a stage mom. Not in the least.

But three of my kids are in a big musical production this summer. And we have been sitting at the theater for over three hours almost every day practicing. I've even downloaded the songs they sing for the play and we practice at home.

The meeting of the royal prince and princesses, Getting to know you, Home Sweet Home, The Temple, the procession, the tearful ending. We practice the dancing, the bowing.

And they are having a blast. And guess what? I am too!

I never would have thought sitting in the theater watching the scenes over and over again would be magical. Yet they are.

I can honestly say neither I or the kids have 'Hollywood dreams' --we love the Lone Star State far too much. However, as an activity--this may be right up there with ballet.

So on with the show...what show, you ask.

Here's a clip from the movie, based on the musical. It is not puzzlement, I think it's one we've all gotten to know ;)

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Carol said...

Oh I loved that musical growing up!! Glad you are ALL enjoying it so much.