Monday, July 27, 2009

Cannot Live Without Foods

We are trying some new items out at the Very Busy with 4 household right now so bear with me as I must once again miss Menu Monday. In lieu, I 'd like to share some of my items I always have handy just in case.

For breakfast, I always have eggs on hand. Honestly eggs are the miracle product. I can scramble 'em, fry 'em, bake 'em or whatever. I almost always serve eggs with salsa too--a house in Texas cannot be without salsa (pretty sure it's a state law ;) )

For quick lunches, I always make sure there are tortillas and cheddar cheese for quesadillas. I can whip these up pretty quick with a pannini press too. I tend to keep at least one package of tortillas in the freezer and we always have Mammoth Cheddar on hand :)

For snacks, I try to keep all ingredients for a smoothie on hand--that would be milk, fat-free plain yogurt and frozen berries. My kids live off these esp. in the summer!

For dinner, I always have a boneless skinless chicken breast (in freezer) and baby spinach. With these items and some various veggies, I can whip up a grilled chicken salad in a matter of minutes (just have to remember to thaw the chicken!).

For quick desserts (and if I know friends are stopping by), a container of heavy whipping cream and fresh berries. I can whip the cream with some sugar and vanilla (also always here) and serve over berries. I also like to grate some Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate over the dessert (yes, the chocolate is always here!).

And of course, there are always some French roast coffee beans. I need my coffee!

Now if you are really wanting a meal plan this week, check out Jen at Chive Talkin' :)


jenna @ said...

Hey! What a great post! I think it's great to have a plan and keep on hand certain things that you know work well for your family - so smart! Hope to see you again next week! I love having you!

Amanda said...

I bet your home smells great at mealtimes!