Saturday, July 25, 2009

Split Personality

I have been leading two very different lives on the internet. There is the mommy of 4 here on the blog and Facebook, and then there is the very political and opinionated girl from Texas on Twitter who sometimes discusses a bit of her other life. I even use a different name but do reference my blog.

A while back I did do a political post on here and then another. It just didn't feel right. My blog is a journal of my life with my husband and kids. I know I do not share the same political views as my friends on this blog (and thank goodness, how terrible would the world be if we never spoke to those who think differently?). I'd rather discuss other issues here--things we can all relate to in some degree.

Twitter I am all-together different person. Different name, different attitude. I rarely 'hold back' and do speak my mind. It's my place to let loose and discuss world events. Not the day to day mommy stuff I usually talk about. It's a refreshing change.

And then came Facebook.

Facebook includes so many of in-real-life friends along with blogging friends. I decided from the start I would use Facebook more like my conversations I have with my friends. I admit when I see some 'status' messages that include anything remotely political, I am tempted to say something, but I will not. Beside, talking all politics can be really tiring. Is it just me or do you get emotional after watching too much news?

There are times when path cross and I do have many blog friends who also follow me on Twitter (and bless those who think differently then me and still follow me!), and I do list my blog on Twitter, and my Twitter handle is named on Facebook. But for the most part I keep it separate.

So am I alone here? Anyone else guilty of split personalities? And if you are on Facebook, let me know! (If you dare to follow me on Twitter, I am Lisaindallas -- but don't say I didn't warn ya!)


Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

I am involved in all three of those social groups too. I normally blog about my family (that's why I created the blog), I tweet about whatever I want to (no topic off limits), and my facebook account mainly consist of IRL friends and a couple of blogosphere ones.
My facebook account is under my real name...first & look me up! :)

Brian and Staci said...

I'm not on Twitter...but maybe I should be just to follow your "other" personality hee hee!! I can barely keep up with FB....I think it's great that you have that "outlet" for your political opinions ;)

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Aaahhh... worlds colliding. I am on Facebook with my REAL name and am friends with my real high school friends and family. None of whom know about my blog, of course. I have a family blog too, which I guess I could link up to my FB account but I've never considered it. And I'm on twitter but it's with my blog personality

(Are you confused yet?)

I just don't want my REAL LIFE people to know the kinds of insane thoughts I really have. Sometimes I tend to hold back with people I'm close to, and I don't want them to have a heart attack!

Texasholly said...

Ha! I am pretty schizophrenic between all the social media.

Blog - family and fun only
Twitter - same as blog
Blog #2 - local stuff with a little more freedom
Twitter #2 - same as blog #2
Political blog - where I feel like I can really talk
Twitter #3 - under my real name and remains silent most of the time

Oh, and facebook? Where all the worlds collide, literally. It was really hard to decide whether to out myself as the person behind my writing, but facebook is where that happened.

I still have to be careful because my mom reads my blog and is a friend on facebook so twitter is the only place I have felt like I could just let loose until she told me last night that she clicks on the twitter tab on the blog sometimes but "doesn't understand most of it" - I need to start a secret one! hahahaha

PaulaW said...

Wow! I though I had mutiple personality issues til I saw Holly's comment! LOL

I started out many years ago on myspace because of music. I have many songwriter / musician / recording artist friends in Nashville and that is our connection.

The I set up a personal myspace. Then I set up another one. It's still idle most of the time. It will come into it's own one day.

Facebook - my kids talked me into that one (I had myspace before they did.) Facebook is my more personal place for friends and family.

Twitter - I set that up to follow one person in particular and have added a few more. I dont follow many, and even less follow me. But that's ok. Sometimes it's a challenge to stay within the 140 character limit.

My blog - I started it just because I have such fun reading other blogs (like this one). So I said "hey, I can do that too!" And I did. Sometimes I update regularly, sometimes it gets a little quiet over there.

If all that's not enough I also maintain a myspace for a recording artist friend and I have to remember when I'm online as him, to be professional when answering his messages. I never pretend to be him in the replies, but I do represent him.

So - somedays I just dont know who the heck I really am!!

EatPlayLove said...

I'm just myself in all three places. Well I am most out and exposed on FB. And I have to admit, boy are your tweets a hoot, gosh you are a Right Winger, it kind of scares me, but I just remember how much I really do like you. LOL!

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