Sunday, October 5, 2008

I guess I never was meant for glitter rock-n-roll (so I'm giving it away!)

When I was young, I vowed I would always keep track of the latest music, the hottest styles, the popular slang. I was not going to be my mom, saying 'cool' (not cool in the '80s) and dancing to the Big Bopper. No,  I was going to be hip.

Fast-forward 25 some years, and I have not become my mom. No, I am more like my grandpa. Like Papa, my car radio seems to be permanently stuck on the local classical station. And I have on occasion actually turned up the volume when a favorite movement starts--ask my kids.  They know the DJs and the commercials this station plays by heart.

It wasn't always this way. At first, we listened to the more hip stations until I started to drive my kids to school and discovered pre-school and the morning DJ don't mix. So we tried Radio Disney until a girl called in and sang a song she wrote 'My Brother is Stupid'. Not being played in this car. So we tried the Christian station. This was actually OK but I heard the faint twang of country and had to turn it off. I am sorry--I hate country music, really hate country music. 

So we turned it to classical 101.1 and the radio has not budged in over two years. And the music has grown on me. I am catching myself downloading sonatas and concertos more often than any of the new stuff out there.

Luckily (and I use the term loosely) for me, I have a tween daughter so I know all about HSM and the Jonas Brothers. But as far as, let's say the entire top 50 on iTunes, I am at a loss. TI and Pink--are they big? I thought all the kids these days were into 3 Doors Down and Coldplay. Right?

Obviously I'm at a loss and I would like to know if there are any good NEW tunes out there. So I am asking y'all for help. Please tell me what you think one of the better new songs is right now for October 2008. 

And just to say thanks, I am doing my very first give-away. Out of all the comments received by Wednesday, October 8, 11:59 pm, I am going to randomly select someone for a $10 iTunes gift card. I know that doesn't seem like much (remember I am a mom of 4) but it is 9 free songs to add to your player :)


nbp said...

Hi Lisa,
Being a new parent myself (my daughter was born on August 24th) I haven't had much time to update my ipod (which is mostly gathering dust).
I have to say that by looking at your profile, your choice in music is good - Pink Floyd never go out of date, as a matter of fact we have a CD with their songs in single tones that are suitable for babies.

As you mention in the post, Pink is big right now and her song "So What" is very "hot" and would be my pick for the "song of October 2008".


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh boy. I am not going to be much help here. I love my Vivaldi, my Michael Buble, my Norah Jones, mhy Matt Mertz. They make me happy...what can I say? I'll have to come back here to see what your other commenters suggest.

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Hmmm...I like Lil Wayne.

I hate to admit it.

However, despite how ridiculous his songs will listen to them and enjoy them and know the words.

Then you will tell people you don't.

Oh, wait. Just me? Okay.

dani said...

hey, lisa:)
i TOTALLY love jason mraz's "i'm yours"!!!

EatPlayLove said...

we have a great local station that plays decent music, but I couldn't give you a top 100 song. I love MIKA it's fun and upbeat.

3boys247 said...

I too am at a loss for all the new songs out there. In fact one day while driving I was surprised a radio station was palying a cool song I really liked, and then I noticed it was the "oldies" station.

Now I just embrace it and listen to the favorites from the 70's and 80's. My Ipod is full of disco. Pick me, I could use some new stuff too.

Elizabeth said...

i am totally out of touch with the popular music these days. i listen to josh groban, old jazz, and christian worship/contemporary music...and a lot of talk radio. ;-)

but my hubby might appreciate some songs or our friends who just got robbed and lost hundreds of $s in itunes music!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like you loathe country (although I have been known to listen to a sad Christmas song or two that my mother made me listen to... and loved it)... with just a few exceptions to that rule. But more often than not... if it has a twang... it ain't my thang.

I used to listen to the more hip hop radio stations... but now they sound more rap (not that I don't like rap... I just don't like hardcore rap). My husband was always into rock and heavy metal... of course he doesn't get chances to listen to that much now.

Me? I listen to a great little mix station we have here in Washington that plays newer songs mixed with songs that were hits from my teenage years. Love it. Can't get enough of it (Movin' 92.5)! But needless to say... most times, my kids want Disney CDs or the name CDs that my mother got for them. So it's either silence (well, as silent as a car can get with a four year old a two year old and two adults) or my fav radio station.

But really... I don't get to listen to the radio alone unless it's a quick jaunt to the grocery store or whatever. So... what do I choose to listen to on my own time? No radio at all. LOL. I know... silence is golden... and so... nice. :)

Songs I'm liking (although I'm not sure they're kid appropriate)... anything by Rihanna, Pink's new song about breaking up with her hubby "Whatever", I love me some Ne Yo... and well... there's more... but I think you get the picture. :)


Brian and Staci said...

Hey there! I wish I could help you with any new music...Jennifer P....from The Peterson's Go Public has a post up just recently about great music...that might help. And one of her friends...can't remember the name right this second...has some really great music and good words! You might check her blog! My radio is ALWAYS on The Sports Animal!!! It is rarely changed during this time of year. How bout your Buckeyes! If I would've known your phone number...I swear I would've called on that last drive!!! Look at you being so sweet with a giveaway!! (I'm comin' your way on Saturday for THE BIG GAME!!!! WOO HOO! So excited I can hardly stand it!)

Amanda said...

I like Rhianna and Pink. I love a bit of pop music!
Amanda x said...

Oh, dear. I'm in your boat. I either listen to toddler tunes or the XM 80s channel. I'm very far outta the loop.

Brian and Staci said... I popped over to Jennifer's blog for was her Friday's post and the name of his band is The Arrogants. :)

Elaine A. said...

Gavin Rossdale has a great new song out now, Love Remains the Same.

Jennifer H said...

I wish I were the person to ask for help on this...but I'll check out what your other readers say!

sami said...

I recently got a free single of the week from itunes. It is called "The Show" preformed by "Lenka".
I like it because it's a sweet song that makes me feel good.

anti-supermom said...

See, I'm so not cool, I don't even have an ipod, but my husband does, so I'll do it for him!

Thinking good, free music thoughts :~

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh... pick me! :D I love BUCKS (both money and football)! lol OK that was lame. ha ha

Becky Welch said...

We are all about some Jonas Brothers, HSM, Hannah Montana and the like over here. I just recently added Coldplay's "Yellow" to my Itunes list. I will go with anything Michael Buble and am pretty excited New Kids on the Block is back with a new CD!!!

mah-meeee said...

sorry, can't help here. i've been known to watch xmas dvds and listen to xmas music in the middle of summer.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I have no idea! But, I'd sure love to enter this giveaway. :)

Shannon said...

I'm no help, either! I go back and forth between the classical and 80s channels on my satellite radio. I have no idea what is "in" right now! HA!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry about the spelling mistake its me again Mileys best friend