Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Like mother like daughter

I am soooo excited--TOP CHEF starts tonight. This show is the equlivalent of chocolate and bacon for me!!! I have been silently giving passing glances to our ancient TV and occasionally watching but not really. Amazing Race is fun, The Office makes me laugh but oh when I hear Padma or Tom, I am at full attention. My kids could be starting fires in the backyard and I am oblivious. I dream of being in the top chef kitchen, chatting with Tom about the future of fois gras, dishing about the latest Jimmy Choo line with Padma and of course wowing my fellow chefs :)
The chefs this year look, as usual, just awesomely talented. Girl #1 and I were going over the bios when I decided to ask her who she thought was cute.
"Oh, I only like the girls," she said. "I don't think boys are cute." ("except Zac Efron, he doesn't count"--a real quote from earlier)
"OK," I nodded. "Who do you think mommy likes?"
Without even pausing, she says the hottie chef's name.
I just laughed.
She giggled, "Well, it's so obvious."
Hmmmmm, so does she know me or do we have the same excellent taste in the boys?!
So do you have a favorite? Surely you know who the hottie is---it's so obvious ;)


Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Oooh, I think I'd have to go with Ryan or Spike! They could come over and cook for me anytime! ;O)

Your recipes sound delicious! Maybe you should try out for one of these cooking shows? You never know! They all had to start somewhere, right?


Amy said...

I didn't realize a new season started tonight. I will have to check it out!

The Journey Begins Here said...

I like the food network but haven't watched Top Chef. I think that's a different network. But I have a friend who watches it, so I have heard about it.

I like shows like that. The whole family can watch and I don't have to wonder if it is appropriate.

Thanks for stopping by. Theresa

HRH said...

Crap! I raced to the TV to set the DVR so I don't miss it. Thanks for the reminder. It looks like I only missed 5 minutes or so.

JCK said...

I cannot comment on the hottie chef boys, but your boy up in that righthand corner is adorable, Lisa!!

How fun that you love to cook!

I myself am addicted to LOST. I'm a maniac for it. That Sawyer...and Jack...and Sayid...and...

OHmommy said...

I know... I am so excitied about it too. I DVR it and will watch it tonight.

AND. And it happens in the coolest city. CHICAGO!!!! My home town (well not anymore).

Lisa said...

Ryan has lost all credibility--cute or not, you do not bread picatta, ever!
I guess it 's all about Spike ;) but my favorite chef at the moment is Stephanie!