Saturday, March 8, 2008

The blizzard of '08

Yes--we had snow! A whole 3 inches as a matter a fact--ok, ok, I know you yankees are laughing seeing as most of you saw 3 inches fall in the past hour but for this Southern family, three inches is nothing short of amazing!
As soon as the snow began to fall, all four children were scrurrying about the house ripping off tags of never used mittens, hats and boots. And of course mommy had to assist all four lovely children with their attire ;) After a good 40 minutes, all children were ready for the snow (well the baby and boy #1 wanted nothing to do with mittens or hats but after 30 minutes I was done with that battle). Now it was time to go out but wait, mommy needed the camera (how else would the blog world believe she had snow?!). After standing by the door, mommy grabbed the camera, video camera and extra hats. Finally after 70 minutes of the first sighting of snow, we were ready. The initial reaction on the snow was complete and utter joy:

Exactly four minutes later:

And then for the next three hours, mommy was busy warming blankets in the dryer, making a fire, making homemade cocoa and snuggling with some very cold babies. 
And so for the blizzard we spent 70 minutes dressing, 3 hours warming up and a total of FOUR MINUTES in the snow.
Thank goodness I live in Texas:)

And a big thanks to the very classy OHmommy for sending me on a picnik to 'fix-up' my photos!


Brian and Staci said...

That is sooo right! You spend an hour (or 70) bundling up and total play time...maybe 10 minutes! Ugghhh! Maybe if we had more of it, we'd be pro's at getting them bundled faster?? Who knows, I'll just hand out here in OK...tornado alley! Now bring on the Spring! Fancy pictures by the way!!! Might check out your links!

Brian and Staci said...

Typo--sorry! When will I learn to proofread before I press publish?? "I'll just HANG out" instead of hand out! Sheesh!

Momo Fali said...

How fun for you! If you want more snow, come on up to Ohio. We have about 17 inches in my front yard. My kids were frozen solid after playing!

Jacque said...

Hey Lisa!
We are used to snow, but it always takes me longer to dress Owen than he actually plays in the snow. Chloe on the other hand would stay out for hours. Phoebe likes it too, she cries when I make her come in. I hate the wet mess they drag in though! I liked your pics!

HRH said...

so cool...literally. what a crazy week.

jennifer said...

I'm so tired of snow! If you'd like some of mine, I'll stick it in a cooler and mail it to you. I remember my mom hating snow when I was I know why with the 3 hours it takes to get kids ready to go out and play in it for 10 minutes.

OHmommy said...

WTG! Nice picniking, you did a great job. It is fun, isn't it?

Wow.... you guys got dumped on! LOL. Just teasing.

Purple Teacup said...


Anonymous said...

You only got three inches? We got more like 7. Isn't it strange how that happens?!