Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Apparently, I have a bad singing voice, a really bad one.

This morning while nursing Spanky (yep, using those new names), I flipped on Rachel Ray and saw Michael Buble was on. I called in Dino because Dino loves Michael Buble. He even dressed as him for Halloween;

Michael Buble is like a super hero to him! So of course, he was glued to the TV when he found out. He smiled as Mike and Rach (yeah, they're old friends) chatted away and then it was time for him to sing. He sang Dino's absolute favorite song "Everything" (it's on my playlist to the right).  At first I just snapped my fingers to it; Dino followed suit and he began to sing. I decided to join and suddenly he put his hand over mouth and screamed "NO"--Dino rarely screams so when he does I listen.
I smile, "OK. Can I hum?"
So I just continued to bop to the song like he was and he turned around and said, "NO!"
I was dumbfounded. My sweet Dino never speaks in this tone.
Then Spanky joins in the 'la la la' chorus. Dino just turns, looks at him and smiles.
Now I know have a pretty crappy voice, as a matter a fact if I audtioned for American Idol, I KNOW I would get on TV because I'd have one of those auditions but to be so bad that my three year old son gets upset. Wow--I must really suck!

On a completely different note--college football fans---life is good in Buckeye Country!!!


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i was watching that same rachael ray show. :-) i LOVE michael buble...and i love that your little boy was buble for holloween...ADORABLE!

*thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)


Brian and Staci said...

Yea, yea, I saw that your Buckeyes got Pryor! We are sad out here in Sooner Land---(we weren't even in for the running for him sadly :( Your little kiddoes are super cute!

Momo Fali said...

Yes, my daughter acts like that if I try to sing along to Hannah Montana.

I'm nervous about TP!!! If he turns out to be another Maurice, I'll be so sad! Hopefully, Tress can polish his image a bit.

OHmommy said...

Are you in OHIO too?


JCK said...

Lisa, no one can have a worse singing voice than mine! LOL

Our kids have been doing that for a while. NO, Mommy, I don't LIKE IT when you DO THAT. Don't sing, Daddy. Stop it! In the last month or so, sometimes...they let us sing.

Thanks for commenting on my blog design! I love it, too.

Rachel said...

I love Michael Buble' and Miss RR isn't too bad herself :-) Those pictures are adorable! What a cute story!
Thanks for stopping by, I adore June Cleaver (Holly) :-) Hope to *see* you again! :-)

Lisa said...

I'm sure the Sooners have someone lined up--TP was going to Ohio State all along (I think); he just wanted 'drama' oh boy...

Lisa said...

Didn't think of TP's image--let's hope he turns into a good guy ;)

Lisa said...

I grew up in Ohio and went to Ohio State but left the gray sky for the big blue skies of Texas--my family is still in Ohio so we spend most vacations in Cleveland (only my kids get excited about going to Cleveland in the winter lol)

HRH said...

that is so funny. Reid does the same thing yelling, "NO SINGING!"