Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thrifty Thursday--Not Your Mother's Coupons

Coupons have a bad rap. I mean really--spend all day scouring through a Sunday paper so you can save what 20 cents on a brand paper towels you never buy anyway? And then there's the time you spend trying to get the coupons and trying to make sure you buy that right brand so you can save that quarter. It's just not worth it, especially when time is as a valuable as it is these days.

I am talking about different coupons. 'Coupons' you get from clothing stores, shoe stores--the stores you where you actually want to go. I have a favorite clothing store and on one of my many visits, the clerk asked if I wanted to join their 'club'. It was completely free and now I get 5% off all purchases plus $50 to $100 off coupons (coupons that you get in the mail and, at this store, are stored in the system so if you don't have it with you, you can still use it!). At my last visit, I bought my Easter dress with earrings and shoes--when the bill came I paid for less than what just the dress was on sale for!

Then there are the 10% coupons you get from many kids' clothing stores. I like to use these when I buy a bunch of clothes for the season. And the more you can buy all at once, the bigger the savings! I love to look at my receipt after a big purchase for all four kids and figure out just how many items I got for free. It is really exciting to think of the savings you can get from one little coupon.

Last but not least is my Passbook. The Passbook is a book of coupons you buy for $20 for any various charity groups. Since we bought our last December we have saved $35 at a paint store, gotten 4 free movie passes, 1/2 off three different dinners, two free ice creams and 20% off two hotel stays! I keep the book in  my car so I will have it on hand if we ever need it. I think it is one book of coupons worth every penny.

So yes, I do clip coupons and I hope after reading this, you too will start 'clipping coupons' and really truly saving!


Anti-Supermom said...

I automatically say 'no' to anyone who asked if I'd like to join - I'll have to actually listen next time :)

Anonymous said...

Sunday paper coupons are not what they used to be. But, I love store coupons, especially when they're from Banana Republic.

EatPlayLove said...

I always use those mambo sprouts coupons that whole foods puts out. My downfall, buying something just because I have a coupon, not because I needed it!

Amanda said...

I do use money off vouchers in the supermarket for food and household goods.
Wish i could get my hands on clothing vouchers ~ don't think we get those over here!
A x

Brian and Staci said...

I agree...most "food" coupons are really useless to me...not too many coupons found at my health food store :( But clothes coupons are a whole different story baby!!! I agree..some great savings with those! I also have a similar coupon book we bought from a high schooler for 20 bucks and have already saved that when we used the coupons for bowling !!!!! Great post!

OHmommy said...

really? i must try passbook out. thanks for the heads up!