Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thank You for the Advice

I wanted to take the time this late Saturday night to thank all you who left the wonderful comments and advice regarding my daughter and math. I must say you are all some bright mommies out there! I wish I could invite each and every one of you out for coffee to discuss kids and school :)

Miley has been doing better. I had my yearly (every middle of April) 'finish strong' talk with her. We discussed about how yes, the school year has been going on forever and, yes, the work is suddenly getting more and more intense. But I told her just how little is left of this year; we are seeing the light at the end of tunnel. We can crawl to the light or we can run and 'finish strong' with our head held high!

I am speaking with other moms about setting up some math study review groups for the summer. I have been asking her to figure out totals for items (finding and adding the tax) before she purchases them to show her how often we do use math. I am going to ask our youth group leader if he knows any bright math students at church that would like to make a few bucks over the summer. I even surprised her with a longer break when she figured out a complex fraction problem.

The result? She's doing a bit better but her handwriting and will have gotten incredible--almost like the beginning of the year. To top it off her teacher showed her handwriting on her math work to the entire class and said 'You are ready for the 6th grade' and added (ironically) 'this class is how you finish spiritually strong' and labeled my daughter as a class role model for finishing strong! She has been beaming ever since :)

So thank you all once again! I am toasting you with my La Crema Pinot right now!


Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

That's awesome!

And, now you know her real motivator... praise from people not related to her. ha ha

I hope she continues to shine.

Amanda said...

I'm so happy that things are working out well now.
I just know that she will continue to do well!

Amanda x

Brian and Staci said...

YAY!!! So happy for Miley and you too!!! Sometimes all it takes is just a gentle prod in the right direction! I'm soooo ready for Summer too Miley :)

texasholly said...

YEAH! Why do they have to be so complicated at times??? Like we need the extra worry...

dani said...

being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel is ALWAYS a wonderful thing... and a little praise goes a long way, as well:)
well done:D

Anti-Supermom said...

I'm glad she is doing better, I didn't have any advice that you didn't get from others, but I'm happy to see that she is making it to the end.

Summer, please hurry!