Saturday, April 4, 2009

Any Math Geniuses Have a Baby about 8 years ago?

The girls take a standardized test cold (aka unprepared) every year to test their progress.  The purpose of the test is to see exactly where they stand in comparison to 1. all children their age in public and private 2. all children in private 3. all children in a classic education private school (like the one where they go). 

Like the teachers, I have never paid much attention to it. We are told about a week before the testing that they will be tested. A month or so later, we get the results.

Obviously, I make sure the scores are above a certain range.

Because Sarah is only in second grade, she is only compared to private schools, and in order to be compared to all schools, we are supposed to add 2 to 3 points to the ranking. Ranking is based off a percentage--for example better than 56% is a 5.  Her first scores were good. I thought they might be higher but it was her first test like this. (Honestly, she talked for days about how a computer was going to grade her paper and she had to fill in circles completely 'for the computer grader'). 

And then I got to math.

She scored better than 99% of all private school peers putting her in a 9 ranking.  I always knew Sarah was good at math but better than 99% of her peers?! I am good at math but not that good. That score was Einstein good. I thought it might be a common thing for that group and not something to get too excited about.

Sarah looked at her scores and asked why  she didn't have the third set of numbers like her sister. I explained they did not have public school comparison and to get that number you need to add 2-3 or 20-30% to percentage.

"But you can't add more 1 to 99%. You can't go higher than 100%."

It was then and there that I realized two things. One: The test was right and two: some nurse switched babies on me in the hospital.


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Good for her!

I have a brother who is SO good at math and science, and if he wasn't a twin my parents would assume he was switched. The rest of us need a calculator to add 2+2.

Eudae-Mamia said...

Smart girl!

Smart teacher :-)

Elizabeth said...

woo-hoo! way to go, girlie! i hate math and so does my hubs...hope that Tulip will take after my dad and be good at math. ;-)

and, as always, your posts is clever and funny!

Susan said...

Good job, Sarah!! :-) I always find it funny that we think are kids should get personalities, IQ's, tastes, etc. from their parents... when many times it seems like they are just their own person! :-)

dani said...

that is awesome, lisa!!! does the testing center send her scores to duke university. they have a great talent pool there where they track young achievers.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Way to go Sarah! So proud of you!

I thoroughly dislike math, but hubby loves it, so it will be interesting to see who my little one takes after.

Anonymous said...

You know, we always figured it is one or the other people are skilled at: either math/science, or english/geography/social studies. Kind of the left brain/right brain theory.

You are too funny about the baby switch at the hospital!

Clare said...

wow, that is amazing!! you have a bright one on your hands;)!!

Amanda said...

Cleaver Little Girl!
I bet you are all bursting with pride (and so you should be!)

Amanda x

texasholly said...

Holy crap! Congratulations. All we learned from that stupid test is that we will be doing EXTENSIVE reading this summer.

just jamie said...

Whoa. I have no idea what all that number stuff just said. I got kind of lost at ... 5. But your Sarah -- yee-haw girl!

mah-meeee said...

oviously the smarts run in the family! i have no clue how you got to the percentage .... but math is never my strong suit.

it's great to see that us women/girls are finally breaking out of that traditional boys-are-better-at-math-and-science deal.

you go!