Sunday, March 22, 2009

Times When I Could Save But I Don't

Our sermon in church today was bout ripping off the fig leaf. This is in reference to the fig leaves Adam and Eve wore to clothe their nakedness and hide their sin after eating from the Tree of Good and Evil.

Our guilt is always there whether we hide it from everyone else with fig leaves or even hide it from ourselves with our own internal fig leaf.

So I decided to rip off a fig leaf for myself and all you wonder ladies who have helped me with the great money saving tips on Thrifty Thursdays--the post I completely forgot to write this week.

There are many times I am wasteful with the money God has provided for myself and family.

1. When the coffee in my pot is over 1 1/2 hours old, I dump it, grind new beans and make a new pot (and I never finish that new pot). I tell myself it's because coffee goes bad after 90 minutes. But really does it? My taste buds say yes, my mind says NO.

2. If I find an old sippy cup that has juice sitting in it for days, I throw it out. I don't want to open it and I just get another one. The thought of opening an old, moldy sippy cup makes me a little sick.

3. I buy the already cut-up fruits and veggies at all Whole Foods--the stuff that is so overpriced that I used to laugh about how anyone who actually buys that must be really dumb. So call me Dummy--I have gotten addicted to the pre-cut pineapple, the pre-cut melon, the pre-cut butternut squash and the pre-cut/peeled oranges. I love telling my kids to grab the fruit out of the fridge without doing a thing. Even though I know it would be just as easy to cut it all up when I get home with the other fruits and veggies, I buy, I don't. I call it my little luxury. 

So there are a few ways I spend when I could easily save; I know I should not do these things but I can't seem to stop. 

And now I wonder--do any of you have a thing that you just have to do even though you know you could find a cheaper way to do it? Please say yes--I don't want to be all alone here ;)


Brian and Staci said...

Oh girl!! You are soooo not alone!!!! SO NOT ALONE!!! I can make you feel way better! Although, I'm not a coffee drinker...but I would agree, things that "sit" too long...are trashed. GASP! I know, waaay too wasteful, but true. And this is on a COMPLETELY different note...but poopy underwear...well, let's just say this girl doesn't do well with those...we just buy new ones :( I know, I am sure to offend some, but sometimes, you just gotta draw the line. And yes, we probably are a little spoiled with some luxuries...but I say, let's just be thankful :) Girl, thanks for keeping it real :) You don't have the time to cut up all that fruit anyway :) So sorry about your Buckeyes :( I love ya Lisa!

Amanda said...

I once found an old baby bottle half full of milk that Callum had hid under his bed. When i found it lets just say it went straight into the bin!!

And there is nothing wrong with buying pre-cut fruit and veg (i do too!)

Amanda x

mah-meeee said...

you are not alone.

i like to buy the precut veggies too. it makes the process of making dinner while having screaming kids tugging at your leg go so much faster.

i don't skimp on wine. i like buying decent wine for day to day consumption.

i like to buy STUFF for my kids. and i esp never skimp on buying books. kids need books and i never say no on buying good books.

i can go on and on...

Loukia said...

Hello, my first time on your blog and I love it!

Oh, you are certainly NOT alone... I too will throw away coffee that is still good to drink, and I also have thrown out sippy cups to buy new ones instead (as well as tupperware containers with old food in them!)

Other things... hmm...

Okay so I recenlty lost my Tiffany bracelet, and I am going to buy it again. Because I have had it for years and I love it and miss it. So I'm going to waste 400 dollars on this. AND buy my letter C and letter D charms (C and D are the initial's of my children's names) to go back on my bracelet. At 160 dollars each, again, a huge waste of money, but like I said, I hate not having this bracelet anymore and I miss my little charms too!

And there is nothing wrong with buying the pre-cut fruits and vegggies! :)

The White House said...

old coffee- dump it, moldy sippy cups- trash 'em, $9 jar of spaghetti sauce that is way better than the $3- buy it! I am the complete opposite of my sweet and financially well-off mom, who still saves used aluminum foil and plastic utensils.

Elaine A. said...

I use papertowels like they are going out of style. Although I'm going to experiment with re-usable cloths soon that I won through a blog giveaway. I hope to be more "green" this way too.

I have to say I winced a little at #2. I could never throw out a sippy cup!! HA!

EatPlayLove said...

You (we) work so hard, sometimes we deserve those little things, those little moments that give us a chance to catch a breath.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Of course. We ALL have ways to save money. It comes down to, is the money saved worth the time it will take to do the extra work? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

For instance: I will never, ever, EVER make my own laundry detergent. Ever. It won't happen. I KNOW you can save loads of money, but, unless we are destitute, we will use the premade detergent because the time to make my own? Is worth more than the $5 difference.

Anti-Supermom said...

Good list, Lisa. I can related. I too, throw out tuppereware if I find that something is just too moldy to even think about opening.

I imagine that doesn't happen in your fridge - but it does in mine :)

(I didn't even know coffee went bad after 90 minutes)