Friday, March 6, 2009

One of the Things I Want to Change About Me (update)

I had a hair appointment earlier this week. After my highlights, the colorist told me the hair stylist was running late due to an appointment showing up late and 'would I mind waiting a little bit'?  Of course not! Figuring I had a good 75 minutes before I had to pick up Spanky, I was in no hurry. So I sat with a towel on my head and waited, and waited. And then when I saw she was done, I smiled.  Until of course she started on the late client's eye brows.

I then started to get annoyed. It was going on 20 minutes and there was going to be no way I would be able to get a hair cut and decent blow out. I went up to the front, asked for a hair dryer and fixed my hair, with just enough time to get Spanky.

I drove away livid. Not only did this person show up 30 minutes late for an appointment, the salon did not seem to care that she was late. And in the words of our last president, "Late is rude".

So true. Before kids and even with just one child, I made sure to leave early and get to every appointment on time. Because being late is not only disrespectful to others but also makes you look 'sloppy'. 

Then I had a second child, a third and finally a fourth. And honestly, I am lucky to be less than 15 minutes late for anything (church, playdates, school...). I have tried just about everything to get us to locations on time. I pack up the day before, have all shoes hanging in a rack by the back door, clothes laid out. I even give myself 5 extra minutes per child for getting in the car. 

Yes, I try to leave 20 minutes earlier than I need to yet, I am still late! 

Getting ready yesterday, I noticed something. Getting my kids in the car is just like herding stray cats. They aren't motivated, have other goals than being somewhere on time, and are basically in their own little worlds. 

I have tried bribes, goals, but for the most part nothing seems to work. So I am going to ask my lovely, bright blogger friends--how do you get the kids moving and in the car?

Oh and I am not annoyed with the late girl at the salon. For all I know, she had five kids. Not that that's an excuse....

Quick Update: The salon is knocking 20% off my next appointment and the staff did apologize. Since this is the first time, I am willing to give them a second chance and enjoy that discount!


mah-meeee said...

you are so understanding!

i however feel that one should not be late for work like your hair stylist. and arriving late AND not giving her clients any reason or even appologizing is just beyong rude. at the very least, the reception lady should have applogized for her.

wait - is this the new place or the old one that you went to? i somehow recall you just switched to a new hairstylist?

photomama said...

I would have been so annoyed, they should have made the late women wait and finish you first. They better have given you a discount.

Brian and Staci said...

I hope she didn't charge you full price??!! The blow out is my favorite part :( As for running late...I am one of these people that is always early. I grew up with my grandparents and they were ALWAYS early for everything. I guess it just "stuck" with me. And when I say I'm early...I don't just barge in to someone's house 15 minutes before a party...because I think (unless they asked you to come early) that being early can be just as bad as being late :( Make sense? I think one of my tricks is doing as much as possible at night to get ready for the morning chaos. Ex...backpacks and lunches packed, shoes and clothes laid out, etc...I also ALWAYS keep a bag packed at all times with snacks that I can just grab if something comes up and we need to fly out the door. All that being said....I only have two have double the stress and double the clothes and food and snacks. And that is why, my friend, I hold people that have more than two children on a very high pedestal...I could never do it all like you do :) YOU ROCK! (Sorry this comment was sooo long)

Amanda said...

I really dislike it when people run late ~ cause i'm alway on time!
I'm glad your hairdressers have given you money of your next cut and so they should have!

When i have to be somewhere on time with the kids they just know and comply and get in the car, complaining as they go!

Have a good weekend,
Amanda x

Susan said...

I am usually a person that is on time or even early... I consider myself the oddball because I am always first to everything... If the kids start acting up and slowing down, I just tell them "we're going to be late" in an exaggerated tone and for some reason they speed up. I also leave myself ample time to dress them up and load them in the car. I also do not have a very hectic schedule--which makes a huge difference. I have always been this way, probably got it from my father. My mom is just the opposite. Anyway, I wouldn't worry if you run late sometimes, I only have two kids--- so with two more it would take me twice as long :-)

dani said...

having only one child, i've really never had that problem, lisa... and it sounds like you have already exhausted all the recommendations i could give you, ha! so, i don't know???
but, i do hope you enjoy your next visit to the salon:)))

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Well, that's a good question. I think I really try to balance what is important to be on time for and what we can be late for. Like, timed appointments: must be there 5 minutes early. But, "I'd like to be to the gym by 11:30 to work out" means, get there if I can but dont' freak out about it.

One thing that helps me is that I don't leave anything that has to be done in the last 10 minutes or so. EX: we leave for school at 7:40, so by 7:30, all kids must have shoes/socks on, teeth brushed, with coat & backpack on their bodies or in the car. The last 10 minutes is for just making sure everyone is ready and any last minute forgotten things, like a band instrument or permission slip, etc.

One other thing that helps: I yell a lot. No, not the nicest solution, but I will say that we are never late to go anywhere. LOL

Momo Fali said...

I can't force myself to be late. My husband on the other hand...

As for the kids, I just leave the house if they're not ready (not an issue with my son, because I'M the one getting him ready...but, that's what I do with my daughter). Last week, she forgot her gym uniform and as we were pulling out of the driveway she said so, but I wouldn't let her go back in and get it. I wanted her to get a demerit so that she would prepare her stuff BEFORE she goes to bed, instead of as we are walking out the door.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I know just how you feel about herding cats to get everyone loaded and ready to go. I feel like I need to just have everyone sleep in the van with their clothes on ready to go. :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Wow - I am really surprised they took her, with her being that late. Don't most places have some sort of policy in place to avoid this situations?

I was wondering if you were going back to your old stylist, but I guess you found a new place. Good for them for at least giving you a let's hope that they do a fabulous job for you!

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh heavens, this is the sort of thing that makes my head explode, I am glad to see they are discounting the next appointment.

AS far as getting the kids in the car, I do not know how anyone does it if there is more than one. Seriously. I still look at my Mother and ask her, "How did you do it? I need to know how you did it because I just don't see how you could have without killing us all."

Good for you Miss VBMW4, and happy Sunday to you all!

EatPlayLove said...

If I knew the secret to getting kids in the car and on time, every time with out leaving hours before hand, I'd be rich.

You're very sweet to go back, although I think you deserve a FREE blowout. I always worry about being late to my hair appointment, I guess I have in the back of my mind "rude is late"!

Elaine A. said...

People running late (including myself!) drives me NUTS! Always has, always will. I would been pretty peeved too. Glad to hear that the hair place is giving you a discount.

The only thing that keeps me from being too late at times with the kids is setting the clock a few minutes fast.

Anti-Supermom said...

Way to go, Lisa. The 'squeaky wheel get the oil' - or so my Mom tells me :)

Kristen said...

I have four kids 7, 3 1/2 and twin 2 1/2 year-olds. I always put an extra 20 minutes on departure time, I prepare everything the night before and I am still late. However, a few times I have told my oldest 2 that if they weren't in the car they would be going as-is. No shoes? too bad. no pants? move faster next time.... I swear they moved so fast and when I said that it was time to go, they both said "can we get our shoes?" "yes of course but you better run and put them on in the car" It made me giggle to see them move so fast!