Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday--The Household Shopping Edition

Something that really manages to get me in trouble is running to Target for 'one little thing'. I always seem to come back with that one thing and then some. Does this happen to you? No? Then you must share your secret with everyone!

The only way I can avoid the 'one little thing' shopping trip is to group all my purchases together. I give myself a set time once a week to run out to Target and buy all my items and vow to not return until the following week. My necessities include the items I am not actually out of but those important items (like toilet paper and dishwashing detergent) I might be running low on. Not only does this help with keeping me away from Target, it keeps me at ease knowing I am not going to completely run out of a key item. Running out of toilet paper in a family of six is a very scary thought!

So what do you do to keep household shopping in check? Does bulk help? Coupons? Please help us out here :)


Anonymous said...

The thing I do is have a strict grocery budget for the week- when it's gone it's gone. I check the circulars for Kroger and Tom Thumb to see what's on sale and make a list from that. I also have a running list for Sams and go about once a week or two. I cut coupons from the Sunday paper and get them online. I also have e-coupons put on my Kroger card from Shortcuts and Cellfire.
I try not to go to Target more than once a week- because you're right there's just too much temptation! I'm such a sucker for the clearance stuff.

photomama said...

I wish I could help, but I am not organized and make those constant runs to the store.

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

I wish I could help, but I'm not the one to provide advice on this subject. I do normally only do my target run once a week, but still buy plenty of extras.
I am getting better about not buying their expensive groceries though.
Got to separate the grocery run and target run into 2 trips!

Brian and Staci said...

Oh girl! I hear ya on this!! little trip to Target for strawberries, milk, eggs and shoestrings (I don't know HOW Connor's shoestrings get so crazy??) turned into a $145.00 purchase????????? I am absolutely horrible with coupons. My problem is...we go through fruit like crazy. I buy a HUGE bag of grapes TWICE a week. I need to be sooooo much better about the grocery budget. I just don't like to buy everything in huge amounts and then it go bad before I use it :( I am no help...but I'm hoping that your wise readers will give us some great wisdom :)

Elaine A. said...

Definitely bulk shopping. We buy all paper products and many of the household stuff and toiletries at Costco. I think in the long run it's more economical and saves me from running to Target for things (not that I wouldn't go anyway!)

Amanda said...

I'm the worst person in the world!
I can easily go into the supermarket from bread and milk and spend £50. I never learn!

Amanda x

Texas Lutherans said...

WHOA looking at canearl's response, I realize I am WAY too unorganized. My head would certainly explode if I had to do all that coupon stuff. But anyway, the one thing I do: send my husband to the store to get stuff. He has better control not getting the extras. Well, at Target anyway. If he goes to Walmart he always comes home with extra fishing or hunting stuff!

dani said...

this morning (friday) on good morning america, an economist said that regardless of where and for what you are going to shop to make a list and stick to it!!!
that's the best advice i've heard on the subject:)

EatPlayLove said...

I challenge myself to stay on my list when going to Target & WF. I have successfully left Target with the things on my list, it just takes a TON of discipline which I rarely have.

Sometimes I send my husband, he's not a huge Target fan, so he'll run in and just pick up the one or two much needed items!

Anonymous said...

Bring the kids with you so that you have to shop in a hurry ;)