Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Hey Finn, it's Michael Buble!"

My oldest son Finn is potty training. He's three and 1/2 and let's just say I feel like I'm the Titanic--it's that wet around here.
Anyway, we have been trying to give little rewards--chocolate, toys, cars (the toy ones but I would gladly get him a cheap C car if he guaranteed no more accidents, EVER). The rewards worked at first but they are getting older--how much sugar can one boy take? So I remembered on Dr.Phil, they rewarded a boy for using the potty by having a superhero call him. I decided to give it a try.
"Hey Finn, if you pee on the potty, Lightning McQueen, wants to call you."
"No, no mcqueen"
"How about Bob or Larry (Veggietales)"
"Don't wanna talk to tomato or LAARRREEE"
"I think Santa might call"
And then remebering his love for big band music, specifically Michael Buble, I said "Do you want Michael Buble to call you on the iphone?"
"Yes." (he's whispering) " I wanna talk to Michael Buble on the iphone"
And we have success!!! I'm not sure if it was Michael Buble or the chance to use the coolest thing in the world (at least in his mind) the iphone BUT it worked!!!
And then dorky me has a neighbor call our landline (not my cell) and say it's "Lightning McQueen"--no wonder he's messed up!

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