Friday, January 4, 2008

EEEKKK!! A mouse in the house!

Apparently, Williams Sonoma sent me more than a coffee maker yesterday :)
I got my package and noticed the shipping box was slightly open (tape ripped off the top and there was a large gap). I pretty much igorned it and completed clean up time with my kids. Time got away from us and we had to leave for hair cuts and we came home to put together dinner.
Halfway through the meal, my oldest son gets som sauce on his hands and shirt and he HATES that. I finally got up to give him a bath. While I am putting him in the tu, I hear a blood curdling scream. I practically drop son #1 into the tub and race to to the kitchen.
"A mouse, we saw a mouse," daughter #1 screams.
I silently pray she is seeing things. How the heck could a mouse be in our house? We own a cat.
I look over the door by her room and I SEE IT!! I scream and jump up on a chair--seriously I did.
"Get on your chair now," I scream and the the girls start to scream.
"The baby--where's the baby" I am truly frantic.
"He's in the tenda (a high chair)" daugher #2 calmly states.
"OK, I need to get my phone," I had my phone plugged into our player for dinner music. I hop off the chair, grab the phone and call my husband.
"There's a MOUSE."
"There's a mouse. I SAW him."
"OK. I'm just about on my way."
"You need to get home. What do we do?"
"I'll stop by Lowes and get a.."
"No, you will come home and I will go to Lowes and get traps."
Meanwhile during all of this, poor son #1 is still in the tub. I call out to make sure he's OK and stay on the chair.
Well, the husband finally got home, I went and got the traps. Abby, the cat, slept (my daughters now call her the world's laziest cat).
I slept away from the mouse with the girls and the baby while the husband (who thought is was funny that I was so scared to have a rodent in the house) slept in the mouse room. Son #1 slept in his own room--bnrave little guy :)
Next morning-----------------------------------nothing, no mouse sightings, nothing in the traps (we bought the live catch ones, something about a dead mouse, eewww).
So now I am carefully watching every step. The girls have named the mouse "Snowflake" and Abby, the cat, is eyeing the space behind the refridgerator. I refuse to look.
I feel a little silly about overreacting the way I did but at the same time, I wish we had the video camera when I jumped onto the chair--we would be FAMOUSE ;)


HRH said...

I don't want to freak you out or anything, but when we used to live in Memphis I worked with the Williams Sonoma warehouse treating their worker's comp people. They told me a story of unrolling a large run in the warehouse to find a very large consider yourself lucky!

Lisa said...

Shaking......I scared to death of snakes!