Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Getting healthier

Overall, we're a pretty healthy family. We get our groceries at Whole Foods (so no partially hydrogenated oil or high fructose corn syrup), we avoid processed and fast food and try to eat a good variety of veggies. But we have our weaknesses--I love baking something sweet with the kids about once a week, I absolutely prefer white pasta over whole wheat and everything always seems better with bacon. So in this New Year, I'm going to try to make a few changes to improve our diets.
First I am going to be more dilegent in all of eating 'the rainbow' of veggies at least every three days (basically this is just what it sounds--I want to serve everything from red tomatoes to purple eggplant since a variety of colors guarantees a variet of nurtients and antioxidents). Note I said 'serve'. The baby will easily eat all the veggies--he is in the eating 'honeymoon' stage and loves everything from red bell peppers to spinach but my 3 yr. old is in the 'yucky' stage and getting him to eat anything but bread has been an issue. My older girls both went through this stage and thankfully the 9 yr old has returned back to veggies world and is gladly gobbling up her sauted kale; the 6 yr. old is getting better but it takes a lot of prodding. I am not pushing my 3 yr old to eat the veggies too much in hopes, he will come back to enjoying his veggies soon--it is just very difficult to watch him turn down everything but a grilled cheese.
Second, I want to up our fish intake. Currently we have wild salmon approc. once a week. I am planning on adding more wild fish to the diet and I hope we will 'go fishing' at least twice a week.
Third, I want to once again try to replace the white pasta with whole wheat even if it is only 1/2 and 1/2. I personally love pasta (my true weakness) so this is going to be the toughest. Pasta makes almost all veggies awesome!
Finally, I want to cut down on coffee and Starbucks. I usually get an organic Chai twice a week. I'd like to cut down to once a week. I love brrewing coffee at home--I'll try to limit it to homeschool days and maybe Sunday since I am not crazy about church coffee.
And that' about it. I have a baby sleeping on me, my laptop is out of juice. It's time to sleep and get reeved up for tomorrow!


HRH said...

I always get the Chai with soy...mmmm just thinking about it.

Lisa said...

I have never tried it with soy. I'm just going to have to go Starbucks to check it out ;)