Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finding time to blog...

I am desperately seeking a time machine; I don't need to travel back in time (although if I did I would go to the '90s buy some Yahoo stock and sell at just right the moment) or even go forward--I just need to freeze the current time so I can get an extra hour.
What would I do with hour? Glad you asked :)
1. Sleep!
2. Blog more ;)
3. Paint my nails
4. Shower and take my time (no 4 minute speed drills!)
5. Exercise--YOGA
6. Pray (and thank God for the extra time)
7. Sleep

Notice how the extra hour is all about me. I'd love to be something no mom is ever--self-centered--for one small hour.
And I'd only use the time machine, once a week--maybe more on those really crazy weeks.
Sooo anyone know where I could get a time machine. I'd pay dearly :)


Texasholly said...

sign me up too, but I would like a whole that too greedy?

Miss Lisa said...

I would love a whole day but I am clueless as to what I would do past two hours ;)

Purple Teacup said...

Hey Lisa- I found your blog thru Holly's. I checked out your recipes and am going to try some out! said...

your blog is awesome!! i was browisng and found it. coolness. i wish i had that time machine as well. i'd love for you to check my blog out;