Thursday, October 1, 2009

Very Different Playlists

My kids have the most unique musical tastes. They don't seem to care for the genre of their siblings. It makes for very difficult music choices in the car.

Miley is my pop girl. She loves the stuff on Radio Disney and is always happy to hear a Top 40 countdown. I hate to admit this, but I tend to shy away from her stuff the most. I just cannot get into it.

Sarah loves the 'pretty music' aka classical. She is very into the morning 'march of the day' and likes to guess the composer when a piece is played. I am guessing it is because of her love for ballet. The music and the dance go hand in hand. I do like classical and yes we do listen to it a bit more than pop in the car for the main reason that is calming (or so I tell myself).

Dino like his name loves the vocal music like Michael Buble (his Halloween costume a few years back) and the jazz. He loves watching Peanuts for the music and yes we have the Peanuts music at home. It tends to put us in happy moods.

Spanky is my classic rock fan. I have already head him sining the 'woo hoo' for 'Sympathy for the Devil' and he gets angry when I change from the classic rock station in the car.

As for me, I sometimes listen to talk radio--it keep the arguments to a minimum, at least in the car.

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dani said...

very eclectic, indeed, lisa!!! you should be VERY well rounded musically when all are grown, ha!!!
much love,
dani xxxxxx