Friday, November 28, 2008

How to Stay in Mommy and Daddy's Bed (a guide for toddlers)

Shhhhhh...mommy is off talking with daddy trying to figure out a Christmas clothing budget. Mommy wants more and daddy wants less. Mommy is wearing her cute shirt and pants so I know mommy is going to win very soon. This means I only have a few minutes to explain how you can stay with mommy and daddy all night.

Rule 1:
Your parents bring home the bed you picked out. Don't upset them. Spend naptime in there. Put animals in the bed. Roll in the covers. Let them know the money on a bed that looks like a car was well spent.

Rule 2:
Regarding naps. Yeah, they are a pain. You miss stuff going on in the house. You have to stop your cool game with your Little People, babies and your cars. But here me out--you need that nap so you can be alert when it comes to bedtime. And be sure you take that nap in the new bed--it's not so bad and beside why sleep in mommy and daddy's bed when they aren't there?!

Rule 3:
At bedtime, it is time to pull out all the stops. Do they like giggles? Give them a giggle feast! Kisses? Cover both of them with kisses and hugs--this is especially good if they are not next to each other--can you run back and forth (giggling) giving them kisses and hugs (aren't ya glad you took that nap now?). If they are the type of mommy and daddy that want a super smart kid, start pulling out books and pretend to read--say out loud something in the picture and they will be so busy gushing about their little Einstein, they won't notice it is bedtime.

Rule 4:
This one is big--do not and repeat do not cry. Ever. Crying wears you out and only gets mommy and daddy upset. You want them to want to be with you--not force it on them.

Rule 5:
If you see one of your parents yawn, kiss them and say night night. Then toddle (swish your butt for the cute factor) and climb in mommy and daddy's bed like you own it. Don't act like it is something special. Act like this is normal. Hopefully it is late enough they won't notice.

Rule 6:
When they approach you in bed, pull the covers up to your chin and smile--really really smile and then say 'I wuv you' even if you can say 'I love you' clearer than your oldest sister, say it with the slur. This will make mommy and daddy melt and figure--hey it's only one night. Let the baby stay with us.

Rule 7:
If mom and dad are still determined, go back to the giggling and kissing. If they try to lift you out of the bed, grab a pillow and say a very soft but firm 'NO' adding 'I wuv you' and don't forget to smile :)

Gotta go, mommy is coming back with a smile. Looks like I will soon be up to my neck in argyle!


dani said...

ha!!! isn't it the truth!!! cute gets us EVERY time:)

Anonymous said...

having trouble with mine too! i hope she doesn't sneak down and read this during her nap time--- which is the only time she is in her own bed!

photomama said...

I thought the little wiggle and cute shuffle was only my kids' trick. Cute post.

Amanda said...

Children know exactly how to pull the right strings ~ mine do anyway!!
Amanda x

Anonymous said...


Not only are you VERY CREATIVE, you have made a way to be compassionate and think the way your child does. You got into the head of even MY toddler.

nicely done.

May you endure many many nights of blissful sleep;-)

Anonymous said...

Miss Lisa, this is too cute! The best phrase is "Giggle Fest." (Or is it Giggle Feast?)

And the covers up to the chin is pretty good too... a very effective primer on technique. You could probably sell it.

Grins & Giggles,
tp said...

Hahahah. Would you believe mine has had the option but has always refused? He doesn't want to sleep with us - even when sick. I kinda wish I had the little giggle battles.

just jamie said...

Love Rule 5. So sweet. I know it all so well.

Shannon said...

Too cute!

Jennifer H said...

This made me laugh. I can just imagine this guide being passed around from toddle to toddler on playgrounds across the country.

Brian and Staci said...

This post is too cute Lisa! LOVE IT! Getting geared up for the big game tonight! Sooo nervous and I'm grouchy today. 7:00 Cannot get here soon enough!

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

That is so cute!!!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Cute! Hope mommy "won" on the Christmas clothes budget! ;)

Carol said...

We just got Eli a bed from Ikea yesterday. This morning I was up at 6:52, I was not impressed.