Friday, August 8, 2008

What a Cleveland Browns Fan Says

(I have been a diehard Cleveland Browns fan since I was in diapers. I have gone through this cycle almost every year of my life. I am telling myself if I type this out, Murphy's Law will take over and the months following August will not happen and we will win the Superbowl. I believe, I believe....)

August--This is our year baby, I can feel it.

September--A few loses, not a big deal. The season is young.

October--Well, we have a couple areas that need work (offense and defense) but we have a good shot at the Wild Card.

November--It's all good. This is a total rebuilding year anyway. Did you see Ohio State clear the field with michigan ?

December--We are going to get some awesome players in the draft. 

January--Just wait til next year. We are going to RULE!

Such are my seasons. But please, don't feel sorry for me. I went to OHIO STATE, 'nuff said (shut up LSU).



Brian and Staci said...

Lisa! This is toooo funny! My father-in-law is from Ohio and goes through the same thing you go through! I haven't even heard much this year...could it REALLY be YOUR year!!??!! Here's to hopin'! I don't really have ONE team I'm crazy for...I usually pick a player that I love and root for their team! I love it all! Yesterday, the weather here was just a little tease for the Fall. 74 last night...I was searching through channels for a football!

Happy Campers said...

Oh, my Hubby is a die hard Chicago Bears fan and our seasons lately have sounded exactly like yours. *hugs*

Amanda said...

Good luck to your team!

Blessings From Above said...

Did my husband write this??? It sounds exactly like him! He is a die-hard Browns fan and he went to OSU.

Sunday evenings are usually pretty somber in our house. :(

Jacque said...

Ah, Lisa, I'm in WV and a Mountaineer Fan. I won't hold it against you that you're a Buckeye fan. ;)

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I understand. I spend most of football season like this. And, I know you know my three teams, with only one happy season since three happy seasons since I was born.

EatPlayLove said...

LOL! We lucked out with the Rockies last year, just to watch them get their butts kicked in the world series, it was a fun ride though.

Keep your chin up, eventually it could happen.

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KC said...

ROTFL... OH Lisa that is to fun and so true.. but I too am a Cleveland Browns Fan and OSU.. Go Bucks. :)