Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do I lose my girl card for this one?

The other day I had the rare chance of being invited to two different girls' night out on the same day. The first offered was from a great friend who shares common interest in healthy eating. She invited me to come here a man speak about nutrition  and it's effect on hormones. I accepted on the spot. I love to hear different ways I can improve my health (and my family's) by the food we eat--just ask anyone who has ever had a real life conversation with me :)

The other invite was from a group of girls in my book club who I adore. It was to meet up for drinks and dinner and then see (what else) the 'Sex and the City' movie everyone seems to flocking to in droves.

Now first off, I already accepted the invite from my first friend, so it didn't matter what my book club was doing. I have been told since I was young that you never cancel plans just because something better comes along. It's just rude. But the invite from my book club got me thinking. Would I go see the movie if I didn't have plans?

Well let me start by saying I adore the girls in my book club. They rock. I have been going to this book club since I had only two children and we have been through everything from entering the work force, new babies and breast cancer. I love these women. And I had not seen them for months. The past year, book club meetings have fallen apart thanks to life. I would have loved to hang out and close down the restaurant like we did 'in the old days' but the movie. A different story.

Ten years ago when SATC came out on HBO and I was up late at night nursing Miley, I looked forward to the show. It was original, funny and a glimpse into a kind of life that  was polar opposite of mine. I remember missing it when the season was over and eagerly awaiting for the second season. Finally the second season arrived and it was fun but missing a bit of the novelty of the first season. I was not on the edge of my seat for the third season. Once the third season came around, I remember looking at my husband and saying 'didn't Miranda once date the same type of quirky guy Carrie is dating now?'. Rather than looking forward to it, I was much more involved in that other HBO series, the Sopranos, and laughing harder during Chrissy's drug intervention (warning--this clip contains language and if you don't know the show, you might think it's a bit mean) than I had all season three at SATC.

By the time season four rolled I around, I watched a bit if nothing else was on and I was nursing a baby. In my mind, they turned from these spunky 30-something women looking for love and themselves in the big city to really desperate, no morals, self-absorbed, materialistic brats. They were no longer women I would have hung out with. Ever. 

So am I alone here? Is there anyone else in America that feels the way I do? Or do I lose the girl card for this one :0

PS-If it gives me any points, I did invite a girlfriend over to watch MY favorite chick flick movie of all time, Gone With the Wind; and Scarlett is not a bad dresser herself if you are into the whole Old South look ;) 


mah-meeee said...

i love satc, but i remember when it got to season 5 and 6, i was starting to lose interest. not that i think the show is no good anymore, but i think my life has taken a different path and i just don't relate as much to the characters as i would like.

i used to identify more with the characters, with their lives. but now, 2 kids later, i find myself watching the show thinking, "i used to do that or i used to think that way."

i still want to see the movie, to see how they would end.

happy thursday!

Lisa said...

"but i think my life has taken a different path and i just don't relate as much to the characters as i would like. "

That may be one of the reasons, it got old for me; just moving in such a different path like you. And maybe it was that 4th kid that made me lose all interest in the movie.

Kendra said...

I never really got into the whole SATC craze myself. But for some reason I really want to see the clue why. Maybe it is all the hype about it.
I’m so with you on the Sopranos. I loved that show.

You so don't lose your girl card on this one! lol You are so funny.

Brian and Staci said...

Ya know, it's funny, I never watched SATC on HBO. When I started "working out" to get my "Jake weight" off three years ago, it just happened to be on TBS (I think that was the channel) the same time it worked for me to exercise. So, I have to admit, I kinda got a little hooked. They'd play an older one...then maybe a newer one I think?? I probably liked it better because I didn't see ALL the smut or hear ALL the bad language that would've been on allowed on HBO...I think?? But, luckily, I got rid of all the Jake weight and sadly stopped working out...therefore, stopped watching SATC. But, gotta tell ya, never really missed it. Now, there's no baby to blame this weight I've gained on :( MUST START WORKING OUT AGAIN! (Wonder what's on TBS nowadays!?

Brian and Staci said...

Sheesh, sorry Lisa, that was a lonnng comment :o I was just meaning to say, no, you don't lose your girl card if it's up to me :)

Purple Teacup said...

I give you lots of points. GWTW is my favorite.

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I never really watched SATC, so I can't really comment on that. Same goes for the Sopranos.

However, I love Gone With the Wind, bot the book and the movie.

I'm going to Girls Night tonight and can't wait. Happy Friday.

OHmommy said...

I totally lost interest. Me!!! I did. And I have not seen the movie either.

Your mom is a wise one. ;)

Jennifer H said...

You don't lose your girl card, but I gave you huge bonus points for being a fan of The Sopranos. (Best show ever, in my book.)

KC said...

WEll if you lose your girl card for this, then I never had it to begin with LOL.. We don't have HBO so I have never seen the show until it came to TBS and I never knew when it was on, but when I did find it flipping though channels I would watch it and I loved it.. Though some of my internet friends are telling me the show was a whole different thing while on HBO and I might not enjoy the movie.. but yet I still sort of want to see it anyways.

mamachristina said...

If you lose your girl card then mine was never created. Thanks for you kind concerns over my way.

JCK said...

Wasn't the show about 4 incredibly self-involved women? Sometimes fun. Sometimes not. I'll wait for it on Netflix!

virginia said...

I totally agree with the morality issue and shallowness.I don,t think the show sets a good example at all.

CC said...

I'm still stuck on the idea you had TWO opportunities to be out of the house with friends! WOW! What I wouldn't do... My bookclub fell apart this year too :(

Elaine A. said...

I saw the movie because I missed the show so much but I can say you aren't really missing anything and you are right about the spoiled brat thing. It was fun to watch all the fashion and get away from the "real world" for a little while but that lifestyle is just that to me - not real.