Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wii Fit has declared me an unFIT mommy ☹

As some of you may have guessed, we joined the rest of the world and got a video game thingy for Easter, the Wii and along with it, the Wii Fit.

I must say I have been enjoying the Wii Fit. I rock the hula hoop (3200 spins!) and I love the games. Truth be told, the whole family loves it. We have a Mii for every member of the family, even Spanky. The only negative side to this is the whole 'fit test'. According to Mr.Wii, the kids are all extremely underweight. Well, duh--they are growing kids. Once they lose that baby fat, they get skinny. 

So anyway, the Wii sometimes asks me questions when I log in. The other day it asked me if I thought Dino was gaining or losing any weight. Not wanting to deal with the issue, I clicked no change.

Mr.Wii then tells me 'no change' is never good. That we should always be changing. And then it gave me this message. (Note: Dino's mii is named "Finn" which may or may not be his real name ☻).

It proceeded to tell me dogs do better and live longer when their owners pay attention to them.

Wonder if I will win the Worst Mother in the World Award next?


mah-meeee said...

no way! i must try that... i haven't got on my wii fit in months... i wonder if it'll tell me how i've neglected myself???

stupid machines.

Anti-Supermom said...

I've seen photos of you, you are definitely *not* an unfit mother.

In any sense of the word :)

Dawn said...

That is sooo funny! :)

Jacque said...

LOL! I've had the same thing happen to me with Chloe's mii. I also love the hula. :)

Shannon said...

Mr. Wii thinks he's being helpful... but really, he's not, LOL!

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile :(

Brian and Staci said...

Yes, those little messages from Mr. Wii fit are a little disturbing sometimes :) I don't think I've been on our's since Christmas...wonder what he'll have to say about that ;o My kids loving making up Miis...we have a Fat Albert, Captain Jack Sparrow and an Elmo looking guy...too funny!

KC said...

LOL LOL LOL.. you better start paying attention there mom LOL LOL..
I so want a wii fit..

Elaine A. said...

Sounds like the Wii is getting a litlte personal there. And p.s., you're one of the fittest mother's I know! : )

Jules from "The Roost" said...

You have given me incentive to get mine out of the box! or maybe not ;)

Wendy@RuensOnTheRun said...

I think we are the only family left who hasn't bought the Wii fit...hmmm, after hearing about it's opinions, I may hold off even longer on that purchase.

the Preppy Princess said...

Seriously, it tells you this? No way! We just played our first-ever Wii games ten days ago, and it was a blast!

BTW, we wouldn't be too worried about watching Gossip Girl -- we've never seen an episode!

Smiles at you!

dani said...

lisa, that is crazy!!! we have one but i've never answered any of the random questions. the wii must be keeping up with him (wii-wise) and testing as to whether or not you are. ha!!!
much love,
dani xxx

EatPlayLove said...

I am ashamed to admit the Wii Fit is collecting dust. But the first couple of months it was fun! I love how after you are weighed the Mii adjusts automatically to your body type! Sly computers.