Monday, May 18, 2009

Really Quick Really Random

The next few months, my kids are in a few summer night activities, as result, meals are going to be paninnis, quesadillas and wraps. So I might be putting off menu Mondays until we can finally sit down together at dinner time--unless of course you want to see a menu that seems to list tomato and buffalo mozzerella paninni as every other meal ;)
We went to look at couches this weekend and we met a sale clerk with zero short-term memory (think the movie Memento). She literally walked up to us six different times asking 'are you looking for anything special?', asking us if our kids were 'all ours' and telling us she 'three sons, older now'. And every time she asked us if we were looking for anything special, she had this look like 'wow, I've never seen them before'. It was weird.
Dino is still dealing with special ed issues. It's getting much better and I am happy with my personal decision  to repeat pre-k at a private pre-school. Special ed wanted to put him in a regular K classroom with an aide and to leave the room for 'small group work' 2-4 hours a day. Being led around by an aide and leaving the room for 'small group'--think that might effect his social life just a little there?!
My metabolism seems to have completely shut down. Honestly, I look at a cake and I gain a pound. And I am working out. It's so frustrating. Is this what happens when you get old or is it just me?
My little sister just completed the Cleveland Marathon last weekend. I am so impressed! Great job Susan!


mah-meeee said...

- did i miss your panini menus?? must look it up in your past posts!

- have you seen '50 first dates'? it's like 'henry' that have 5 minute memory span.

- you are a great mom to think of every possible thing for dino in his quest for better special ed. it would have been terrible to have to miss small group! that's how they form friendships. (not that you don't know that already!)

-metabolism - i hear you. i seem to be rounder every year. with the same diet and same workout routine. ugh.

Elaine A. said...

Congrats to your sister, that is awesome!

I'm glad to hear positive things about Dino's special ed and I totally hear you on the metabolism thing, although not really paying attention to that right now! : )

Amanda said...

Heck ~ i know all about a slow metabolism! Mine is non existent :o(

I wish i could run just 1 mile ~ your sister has done so well.

Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog! I think you have made the right decision for Dino. I agree with you on the metabolism, I need to exercise/run so much more now ... i notice that high sodium foods make me gain weight. What helps me is watching my sodium and sweets... :-)

Anti-Supermom said...

I love that when you meet strangers that give you good blogging material. How did you stop from laughing and/or crying at the poor memory woman.

Yes, congrats to your sister - I just finished my second 5k and I can't even fathom doing a marathon.

And of course, the metabolism thing stinks, doesn't it.

Clare said...

i hear you on the metabolism thing, i can't believe that sales lady. that is funny and weird!

dani said...

mmm... paninis:P
head injury, alzheimers, VERY preoccupied???
yay, new couch!!! i'm looking for one, too:D
i'm so glad things are going better for dino:) the private pre-k sounds like the much better choice of the two!!!
yes, i have found, as my age increases my metabolism decreases:( i used to could take off 4 or 5 lbs a week easily (if i needed to). now, it takes more like 2 or 3 weeks with a lot less food and a lot more effort:/
on that note, i hope you have a great weekend!!!
much love,
dani xxxxxx