Sunday, May 3, 2009

Menu Monday--The Music Addition

I mentioned at Christmas time that I had specific playlists for every mealtime in Christmas carols (side note: I have been able to avoid my Christmas music (all 340 songs and counting ☺) since January 1!). During the year, I have actual non-Christmas playlists for different meals and three different playlists specifically for dinner: instrumental, vocal and 'modern'. My kids will be quick to point out that the vocal playlist includes 'Greensleeves' (aka 'What Child is This'), the instrumental includes the 'Jesu' Joy of man's Desiring' and the modern includes Nutcracker Suite (via The Brian Setzer Orchestra). I personally do not see these as specific 'Christmas' songs because they have such a timeless appeal, but my family disagrees and will many a time skip the song. 

I think music with meals make the time at the table that much more exciting, memorable and dare I say 'enchanting'. Music at breakfast is quicker and alert ('Running Just To Catch Myself' by Mark Schultz), lunch is dedicated to more playful tunes ('Crazy ABCs' by Bare Naked Ladies) and dinner is calm and soft to allow for lingering conversations (even if it is just me and the two year old!). Because I have a soft spot for classical and vocal, my dinner playlists are very long. We almost never complete a playlist at a meal but I always try to get to hear 'Nessun Dorma' by Pavarotti each evening, especially if we eat Italian. That song makes my heart just melt!

So this week, try playing music during dinner and then maybe other times of the day. I honestly think it makes food taste better. And if you love the music, take the next step with fresh flowers (Gerber daisys are beautiful right now!) and maybe even a few candles. It may seem a little 'too much' especially if it's just you and the kids but there's something magical about making dinner time special. I am not promising your kids will turn into angels if you turn on some Mozart but they just might throw the food a little less ;)

Monday: Minestrone Soup (unusual icky weather here so we are enjoying a winter dish)

Tuesday: Spanish Roast Chicken with a nice spinach salad

Wednesday: King River Salmon in parchment with sauteed bok choy (salmon is slowly coming back in season!) *link includes pesto--I am omitting pesto and pasta here

Thursday: Jailhouse Spaghetti (Miley's favorite) with broccollini

Friday: Lamb Chops with Mint and Garlic; served with roasted asparagus

Saturday: Date Night (woo-hoo!) kids getting spinach and feta chicken sausage with pasta bianco

Sunday: Mother's day--a complete unknown for me as this day is completely planned by my husband and children. I'd love to go here but would be just as happy with a picnic in the park (like last year!)

For more fantastic meal plans, check out Jen at Chive Talkin'

I am going to close with 'Nessun Dorma'. How can you not have an incredible meal with this in the background? 


Heidi Day said...

I LOOOOOOOVE this post!!!!! I might highlight it in my own blog if you don't mind. I completely agree with you about music. I have playlists for everything too!

Amanda said...

I think playing music at meal times is great idea. Although i don't have specific playlists, i do usually have the radio on quietly in the background.
I wonder what your surprise will be on Mother's Day? Our Mothers day was in March.
Amanda x

Momo Fali said...

How weird! I am at a coffee shop right now, which I rarely do, but I was just listening to the music and was thinking about how much nicer it makes the meal! Then I stop by here. That's just freaky.

Brian and Staci said...

GREAT idea!!! This week is full of packing and hopefully moving day on Friday!!!! (Fingers and toes crossed--if allll inspections pass!) I'm hoping that Mother's Day for me is a picnic lunch on a blanket in our new house---with MUSIC playing!!!! Once we get settled in the new house..I'm so stealing your music idea! Thanks Lisa! Have I told you recently how incredibly awesome and inspiring you are to me!!?? Hope your Mother's Day surprise is everything you want it to be! Have a great week!

Carolina Mama said...

So true. We're music fans. And Playlists are key. This is a great - love(d) Pavarotti!

dani said...

mmm... saturday night's menu might would make me want to stay home, lisa:P it all sounds yummy, as usual!!! and, i love, Love, LOVE pavarotti:D
much love,
dani xxxxxx
ps. cannot wait to hear about your mother's day:)

jenna @ said...

Hey! We love music at our house and must admit have never made specific playlists for meals... but that's going to change thanks to you :-) Your menu plan looks great! You are a cook after my own heart. I didn't see where you linked back to the blog roll, if you would be so kind as to do that, then all your readers can see even more menu plans for inspiration. Thanks again for joining in at the Chive Talkin Menu Plan Blog Roll. I love having you!

2boysmom said...

I love salmon too. I bought Coho and it is so yummy. We had it twice since the boys won't touch it. How do you make your Spanish chicken? I'm doing chicken on Friday.

Menu looks yummy!