Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

About six years ago, Miley started a new activity, skating. I put her in skating because she had good balance and was upset she couldn’t wear glitter during her ballet recitals (yes, glitter).

I was surprised that was actually really good, except that she wasn’t quick enough for her cross overs. The coach explained she needed figure skating skates, not the hockey skates that came with the lesson. So I shelled out a bit of cash for skates, and of course the money required to get the blades sharpened on the usual basis.

Miley continued to skip levels, but was getting frustrated because she wanted to do more, and she wanted to be in a competition.

I asked the coach how we do this, thinking maybe they sign up and then do their own little dance.

Oh silly me.

I was told Miley needed a private coach. And she needed private lessons at least 3-4 times a week.

I decided to go with the private lessons, thinking it couldn’t be that bad.

Ha--add the $35 per half hour lesson plus the $10 ice time plus the program fee plus the costume plus the figure skating membership plus the skates plus the sharpening and multiply the first two numbers by about 12-15 per month......and you have a car payment.

Because I was pregnant with my third at the time, I decided to give it a go for one summer. Miley loved it. She had so much fun---jumped around excitedly for each lesson. And then had her first show.

She did some Chinese spirals, little jumps and twists. Then she fell and did the most amazing thing. My just turned six year old just got up and continued like nothing happened. Smiling and happy the entire time.

I was so proud.

Then came school time, schedules, a third sibling and of course the tuition that comes with school.

And we had to stop figure skating. She has never stopped asking to go back in the past years. It’s not every day but at least once a week, she asks if there is any way she can go back. It’s heartbreaking---we have neither the time or the income to support this completely.

Fast forward to now. I signed up Miley for track for her physical activity. She hates it. It’s almost every day and she complains each and every time, even if I let her wear glitter (yes, that still matters to my Miley).

I know she can do track. I know she can handle her tough schedule. But she needs better focus.

We discussed focus with her and she asked daddy if she focused really hard and fought for a minimum 92 average at school (this is not a small feat--she has a classical Christian education) along with not complaining but really trying at track, could she please please go back to figure skating during the summer?

Daddy added a few more requirements along with trying gymnastics for a season. Then added he would send her back to skating if he saw true dedication in everything.

I gulped.

She has held up her grade average. She is trying in track.

And summer is closer.

And I am praying. Praying if skating is what God wants Miley to do (she insists it is), that the Lord will find the time and money for us to get it done.

And if He doesn’t bring that, if He could please put the idea in Miley’s head that track is the coolest thing ever? Please?!


Catch the Kids said...

Awww. I feel for you and for Miley. We have 5 kids and all at good private schools. The extras do have to be watched carefully as they all add up. I'll be reading to see how this turns out. I hope she makes it!...

Clare said...

wow!! i can see how all of those costs could add up! it sounds like she has a real talent for it though! i hope it all works out!

mah-meeee said...

wow, she sounds like she really likes figure skating and not just the glitter (thank heavens, no?) i hope it will all work out for you guys if she does end up in figure skating!

Anti-Supermom said...

What a great Mom and Dad you are, going above and beyond to really let her fulfill her dreams - and it's not a small feat for any of you.

I hope Miley finds her heart and place to be.

dani said...

i just said a prayer... i prayed the money would come:)
much love,
dani xxxxxx