Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No I am not the fool

So here’s the deal. I have been giving the whole ‘organic, lots of veggies and fruits’ diet a lot of thought. Then I turned on the TV and watched Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’ . You all know how I love Jamie Oliver (my brother-in-law just replaced my favorite cookbook of his that I lost in the fire and I have been over the moon but that’s another story) so I had to watch.

Jamie visited kids in West Virginia that didn’t know what a potato much less a beet was. The kids in school had pasty skin and flabby muscle tone. The parents were literally dying from heart disease (the number ONE killer of men and women) because of their food choices.

Jamie visited one family, got out the food she fed her children and in the sweetest way possible, informed her she was killing her children.

I looked at my children--cheeks so rosy it looks like they had make up on, bright eyes and hair, generally glowing. I feel so blessed to have ability and knowledge to give them a diet to help them thrive. Because of post about saving money, I was about to ignore that blessing.

So we are doing our Dave Ramsey budget. The grocery portion will stay generous and we will sacrifice on other things--my SUV and its 127,000 miles will need to last at least 15,0000 miles more, our home (when we get back to it!) will be our tiny little one story home for longer than expected.

And that’s OK.

As Dani mentioned, if you are healthy, you are rich. I always knew this. It just took some help from y’all and a TV to remind me!

I want to thank all of you so much for the great tips on the grocery post. I am going to make the time to hit the farmer’s markets, the local farm that has fresh eggs and compare compare compare my prices with my newly created ‘price journal’.

Now back to the kids and the parents who don’t the time or energy or money to get the ‘right’ food. I am going to be taking a few days off during Holy Week (details on a later post) and pray on a way to help. I just can’t sit back and watch these kids die an early death because of something so easy to prevent.


Andrea said...

I've noticed such a difference when we eat good food and when we eat junk. Maddy keeps asking about F. When can we get them together to play?

Catch the Kids said...

We've started growing lettuce in window boxes and tomatoes and herbs in pots. Makes a small, but sure difference to our diet. And I know for SURE, they're organic.

Anonymous said...

really? i must find that episode!

can't wait to read more on your eating well on a budget posts!

Anonymous said...

I've been away from the blogosphere for so long that I've missed so much. So sorry to hear about your house. It must be so tough on the kids and you, of course. My prayers are with you. Oh, and the eating healthy situation, that is definitely hard to do, more so when on a budget. I mean my kids would be happy eating mac and cheese three times a day.

EatPlayLove said...

Fresh fruits and veges, healthy meats are our priority as well. I would skip a trip shopping for things we don't need at the mall or a day out at the movies. It's worth compromise for the food I feel is essential to my children's well being.