Friday, January 29, 2010

I have the best blog post ideas.....

when I am away from my computer. I'll be sitting in car line, waiting for the kids, driving around or just getting ready to fall asleep. And bam, I have an awesome idea! I even think about the title, that 'hook' phrase and then, then when I sit in front of the computer, I go blank.

It drives me crazy. There is so much I want to say. Then I start censoring myself---can't write about that (too boring), don't mention that (too confrontational), and for sure don't go there (people will think you are nuts!).

So I end up just leaving my blog posting page and saying some random stuff on Twitter and sometimes Facebook.

And now I am wondering. Who is the blog for? Is it for readers--well let's be more honest--to get readers? Or is it for me? I started blogging to get things out of my head and to, in a sense, clear out my thoughts. But that's not what I do anymore. I began this blog trying very hard to open and honest.

But I haven't been able to do that, especially recently.

I could tell you how I feel like I am going to throw up if I see anything related to Christmas or how my sons have about 5 or 6 accidents a day right now. Adjustment has not been that 'fantastic'.

So depressing. I don't feel going there.

I could tell you about the remodeling we are doing and how I have learned the difference between French Country and Provential (I know I spelled it wrong!) French. And why the latter is just a really really bad choice if you have kids.

But what if someone reads this and has that style with lots of kids. I hate ruffling feathers.

I could tell you I truly fear the check and balance system in our government is in danger and that our leader is anything but.

Whoa--talk about ruffling feathers! That's politics and a big can of worms I don't have the strength do deal with.

So I'll just keep brain storming. Maybe going back to menus or wordless Wednesdays. Or better yet, devote the blog to LOST. LOST will be on soon. LOST will be on soon.


RuensOnTheRun said...

Hugs to you Lisa! LOST will be on soon, LOST will be on soon!! :)

mah-meeee said...

WHAT?? I have that style and have kids!!!!
just kidding... no one should really get upset about something like that! it is your blog and if they don't like it, well - they can certainly go stalk some other blog. :)

hang in there!

Mandy P said...

Ha Ha! I have the same thing...I will be doing mundane things when I get a great blog idea. Then there are those days when I question who the heck would give a rip about my boring life. But you know what...people do! It's the community of knowing that there are others out there just like us. At least, that's what I like.

Tyne said...

Lisa, I feel the same way! When I am away from my computer, I always have ideas to write about and then when I sit down I censor myself b/c I wonder what others will think. And then when I go out on the limb and post something about politics (which I am totally agreeing with you on) or faith, I get very few comments.

So one thing that I have tried to do is write about the things that are shaping my life and the things that I really want to remember. Because, honestly, you are not going to remember that you only had two comments on a certain post where you were able to jot down the words that have been etched on your heart and you want forever written down...

And in the meantime, I always come back to this sweet blog for your honesty. AND Lost will be on soon!