Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OK So How Do You Do It?

I can't seem to find time for anything any more. I see bloggers with kids (some more than me) and bloggers with jobs and tiny babies. And y'all seem to be able to post pics, add links some witty prose and keep the home spotless.

So I need to know what you're doing.

Because I cannot get a handle on doing it all.

Is it extra coffee? A secret time machine?

How do you manage? Please share your tips!

I have so much to share but never the time. And the ironic thing is even without the blogging, my house is still a mess, my kids still need my time and I am lucky to get in a shower.



Renae said...

No one does it all. A blog post is only a tiny glimpse. My house is seldom clean, all at once anyway. 5 people and a dog LIVE here!

It all about choices. We have to give up some thing to accomplish others. I don't watch television, talk on the phone much, or go shopping very often.

I write at night when the kids are asleep, but that can affect the time I spend with my husband. So we work out a compromise. It's always about creating a balance. I'll let you know if I find it. ;)

Tyne said...

Hey Lisa,

YOU are a tremendous mother, an advocate on their behalf, an educator and a blessing in their little lives. Forget the blogging (although we love you so) and enjoy the stewardship that the Lord has given you. The only reason I can blog is b/c all of my kids are still nappers, but as soon as that ends, I think blogging may too.

And for the record, until we recently moved in with my in-laws, our house was a wreck.

Clare said...

I have to agree with your last commenter, I think I get a lot done because Bradley still takes great naps. When those end, my blogging days might be numbered.

Elaine A. said...

I'm forever wondering the same thing. P.S. I just don't clean the house... ;-P

Oh and once baby #3 gets here, blogging will surely take a place on a back burner for a while.

mah-meeee said...

if you find out how these other women does it, please share. because i sure can't do it all...

as you can tell, since i rarely even blog anymore, my house is a mess, and i can barely get to go get a haircut.

Shannon said...

I can't get it all done, either... and it's hard not to stress about it.

I do the majority of my blogging late at night, when Shane and the kids are asleep.

And my house is far from being perfectly clean!