Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spanish Learning CD Giveaway!

I have always been a big fan of using different types of media to help enhance learning--half the apps on my iPhone are designed to help pre-school and grade school children--really drooling for that iPad but that's beside the point ;)

Anyway you can imagine I jumped at the opportunity presented by Business 2 Blogger to review a Spanish learning CD by Sing-A-Lingo. Learning Spanish via music was too good to pass up!

Sing-A-Lingo is a cute cd set to popular nursery rhymes tunes in Spanish. The songs are actually filled with common phrases such as ‘Are You Hungry?’ (Tienes Hambre) or ‘Wash Your Hands’ (Lava las Manos). I love this part because it's things you actually say on a daily basis!

Because my kids homeschool and already listen to some grammar CDs, it was pretty easy to switch the CD at lunchtime and start listening. Now before I continue, I must point out my kids do not know Spanish even if we do live in Texas. They are currently learning Latin (et tu?) which I am sure does help but for the most part, they are experiencing Spanish cold here.

When the CD first started, the kids giggled for the first few minutes. They thought it was cute and funny! It wasn’t long before one of my children asked what they were saying so I pulled out the CD case that included the words in Spanish and English. Quickly she and the others were identifying specific words and having fun, even if they were learning. We were using music to learn Spanish!

For the next few weeks, I played the CD and they got pretty quick with many of the common phrases. I find this quite amazing because I basically did nothing but play the CD.

Now I will say, I am sure the CD alone will not fully teach a child Spanish. As most homeschooling parents know, you need multiple venues to really teach a language. The website offers a ‘Spanish All Day’ product that features sticky note word cards, 2 CDs, lyric and vocab cards along with a good night singable book. These items will really enforce the language concepts, especially if your child is learning Spanish at school or it is part of your homeschool program. Also, this CD can really help young children get interested in Spanish--and getting kids interested in a subject is half the battle!

I can really see this CD helpful if you are raising bilingual children--the music just becomes a part of day to day life and the lyrics in the songs are the same things we say daily but the thing I love best about the CD is how I can pop it in the car and we can just listen (and learn Spanish) while driving from place to place to place.......

Today, I am giving away one of these great Sing-A-Lingo CDs! All you need to do is comment and you are entered in the drawing. Mention this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook and get an additional entry :)

I will select a winner this Saturday, April 10.

Buenas Suerte!


Anonymous said...

i so need to learn spanish... or maybe i kids do. they get watched by two spanish-speaking women and are picking up a few vocab, but it'd be great if they actually learn something more...

Lauren said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog...Thanks for your thoughts and your great ideas! This CD seems like such a good idea to integrate language-learning so it doesn't even seem like hard work. I am in the process of learning spanish in the hopes of raising bilingual children, and I can understand how something like this would be very useful!

PragmaticMom said...

I wanted to share my post about the products that I found helped me keep my kids engaged in learning Spanish. I blog on this at http://pragmaticmom.com. See post: Introducing Foreign Languages to Kids.

Pragmatic Mom

Susan said...

Seems like a great idea...my kids love to learn about different languages.