Friday, November 6, 2009

Buyer Beware

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am not observant enough at the stores. Maybe no one else has these issues. Since I have been on a cash-only basis, I have noticed many prices are not the same as I feel they are labeled in the 'racks'.

There is a clothing store I tend to buy a lot of items at once and they have great sales. Last week, I decided to take advantage of one of the sales, 2 pants for $12.99. Yet when they were rung up, the pants were $10 each.

I got out my cash and was embarrassed. I didn't have enough. I asked how much the pants were and told the cashier I thought they were two for $12.99. The cashier calls someone from the back who looks at the pants and explains those particular pants are not part of the sale; it clearly states 'select styles' under the sale sign; it just doesn't tell you what styles.

I put both pants back.

Today I was looking at dishes on the clearance rack (hey, I have four kids that tend to drop things, I don't care to spend big buck on china right now). Two styles were side by side. One was bright red flowers and a pretty white background. The description 'cherry blossom' was overhead along with small discounted prices. Beside it were dark blue dishes with pretty black designs and white flowers and the description 'indigo (something, I forget)'. These dishes were really marked down--we are talking $2.99 for a nice bowl. I counted out my cash and headed to the register.

The cashier began ringing up the items and I noticed 'cherry blossom' showing on the register screen and the bigger price to go with it. I commented that it wasn't right. These were indigo. She called for help. Another lady came back and said these were the 'cherry blossom' design'. The 'indigo' dish was a plain striped one--I saw no dishes like this.

I told the cashier to remove the items from my bill, even though it annoyed the 'in a big hurry' person behind me, bought my cheap spoons (we always seem to be out of) and left.

So I am wondering---does this happen to anyone else? Is this some sort of buying trick or should I possibly leave all the shopping to my husband? And who thinks of dark blue and black when they think of cherry blossoms?


OHmommy said...

I always get frazzled by the people behind me and forget it all the sales until I come come and look at my receipts.

mah-meeee said...

i totally understand! i find that most of the stores now all play that same tactic. but i tend to have the biggest problem at the grocery stores... because they are all off by a little and i'm buying lots of groceries. i have to pay extra attention at the checker to make sure that they are the price i expected them to be!

Susan said...

It happens to me at grocery stores all the time... sometimes it is just 50 cents, but it adds up. One time they scanned something twice. It is hard to concentrate on the bill when you are in a hurry or with the kids...

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

I have a half-done post about why Kroger's hates me for this very same reason. I am CAREFUL when checking prices and I don't let anything slip.

But, Lisa you should seriously just ask, "Can you give it to me for the lower price?" They might do it, just to not have to take the time to void out the bill! Ask for nothing, that's what you'll get! LOL

Usually, though, the mistake is my part. Recently I saw OM Bacon for $5.99 and thought, Sheesh that's high! So I thought I grabbed another brand that was on sale. When I got home, I noticed I had purchased the $5.99 OM bacon. Didn't notice at the store because I had a zillion coupons to organize and a baby to wrangle.

EatPlayLove said...

I always check my receipts. Always. I've been double charged so many times at Costco or Whole Foods, now I look before even walking out of the store. And to think people never give it a second glance.

Good for you, I put things back all the time when they don't ring up for the price I anticipated.

Miss jane said...