Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas and the cookies pt. 1

Healthy food has not been on the menu for the past few weeks around here! I've been making lots of yummy comfort food like rigatoni with kale and butternut squash and my favorite, ministrone (with a pound of pancetta!). And then of course there are the many many cookies we've been baking. This year, the girls and I put together a hazelnut-chocolate chunk pumpkin cookie that has been quite tasty. I usually add walnuts for the omega threes but nothing says the holidays like freshly toasted hazelnuts! And they taste like a cookie Nutella with the yummy chocolate chunks-- I buy my chocolate in bulk bars so it doesn't get 'gritty' when it melts in the oven. It definately makes a difference if you are REALLY into chocolate!
Tomorrow we make our cookies for Santa. The girls do not want to do chocolate chunk with coconut again and are pushing for the always fun to decorate sugar cookie. I'm hoping we can find a compromise--rumor has it Santa doesn't care for a cookie unless it's loaded with chocolate ;) I am personally pushing for a salty/bittersweet combo like the bacon-chocolate bars Santa is bringing Mike (the hubby) and myself. I think my oldest might gag if she sees me sprinke sea salt over the cookies.
The one thing I am sticking to is using real ingredients--organic butter, sugar, eggs, flour and natural coloring. No Splenda or Crisco allowed! And the eggs are omega three enriched. Hmmmm--does that make them kinda healthy?

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